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Thread: my freedom of speech

  1. my freedom of speech

    my freedom of speech

    There is something more important than mere freedom of speech, which few people seem to acknowledge these days: freedom of information. After all, without accurate information, freedom of speech is nothing but the right to slander truth by talking or writing without thinking.

    This is not to say that anyone can hide truth completely.Take for example the Press Reporter: Nearly every press reporter now a days has two eyes; whether they know how to use them is another issue. Like good gossip, important information usually gets leaked, no matter how many classified stamps or shredded documents stand in its way.

    Nevertheless, I do not feel that Right to information is taken seriously enough in this country.

    There is stark contrast between the de jure rights of citizens and the de facto actions of government.

    Right to information is important because it provides the public with primary source material, without which there is only hearsay and rudimentary observation.

    Personally, I would much rather read documents for myself than be told what they say by politicians, lawyers, or by the press.

  2. What you say is true blue.

    But the evolution of life is based only of adopting specilised function. If we start reading all documents by oursefl for every walks of life then it will lead to waste of time by all.


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