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Thread: late reply First Appeal

  1. late reply First Appeal

    The PIO replied lately ie. taking more than 30 days. The first AA also takes more than 45 days and replied.The question of unsatifactory reply does not arise.what is to be done for the late response of PIO & AA?

  2. Re: late reply First Appeal

    If the delay was not due to extension of time because PIO asked you to deposit the photocopy or other charges, or if the information did not pertains to 3rd party; than you can complaint to the the CIC regarding the delay.

  3. Re: late reply First Appeal

    1 alongwith some associates submitted more than a dozen applications to the SPIO, DEPT.of Co operation , GOVT. of West Bengal. But no body got any response within the scheduled 30 days. In my case I submitted on 20.03.07m 1st appeal on 14.05.07- till I did not get any information.Even some tomes no response after 2nd appeal, WHAT IS TO BE DONE?


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