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Thread: RTI in UTI Bank

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    Address your application to the CPIO of the UTI bank concerned with fee of Rs.10/- as postal orderwith usual formalities

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    Dear Esakkimuthu,
    UTI bank (now rechristened as Axis Bank with effect from 30.07.2007) is a private bank that is not covered directly by RTI Act. Hence there is no CPIO available for Axis Bank. That is precisely the reason for us to discuss in this thread about the availability of other options to over come this issue.

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    Re: RTI in UTI Bank

    Here’s an update !

    The PIO of SUUTI (The Specified Undertaking of the Unit Trust of India) returned the application with the following remarks.
    That UTI Bank (Now AXIS Bank) is a separate legal entity and SUUTI is only a share holder along with an advise to approach AXIS BANK bank directly.
    N.B. A sanned copy of the reply can be emailed/Posted on request by members</O

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    Re: RTI in UTI Bank


    I was searching net to know whether Axis Bank is covered by RTI Act or not and found this forum.

    After being pestered continuously, I applied for their credit card, but it is now declined. When I wanted to know why, they said it cannot be revealed. I just want to know the reasons. So, friends, how to go about this.

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    Re: RTI in UTI Bank

    Hello ramasesharao,

    Your query contains two separate issues.

    One is applicability RTI Act on AXIS Bank and the second is Rejection of your Credit Card.

    1. Some months ago I pursued this issue. My conclusion is that AXIS bank might not be coming under the Purview of RTI Act. So you cannot seek information directly from the bank itself. You have to route your queries through other Depts. like RBI, Ministry of Finance etc.

    2. Regarding rejection of your Credit card, you have a right to know why your card application was rejected. Please visit this thread.


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    Re: RTI in UTI Bank

    I think all the private banks are controlled to some extent by RBI . & credit card/ home loan subsidiaries etc are controlled by parent banks. So it will be right to demand info ON PRIVATE BANK from RBI .

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    Re: RTI in UTI Bank

    If ICIC and other private banks are covered by RTI Act or not Kindly reply yes or no I donot want any discussions over it

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    Member/s please dont reply, copy of


    Chowdhary Sahab, please do not make multiple posts on the same subject.


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