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Accurately reflects the situation all over the country.
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Work for the people (July 7, 2007)

<!-- begin content --><!--span class="taxonomy">Letters</span-->John Eric Gomes, PorvorimThe CM has cautioned the administration to be sensitive to and work for the “aam admi”.This is easier said than done. The basics, as laid down in the Citizens Charter, which every Government Department has promulgated, are not followed.

Besides being a Law unto themselves, the Bureaucrats have a system that absolves them of any responsibility or consequences for their goof ups or inefficiency, whilst making the citizen run from pillar to post. Water, water everywhere, but not in our taps. Lights going off , voltage fluctuations , spikes and surges, anytime without warning. Flooding with a little rain. Nothing moves without RTI , courts, or dharnas. It is easier to do things unofficially than officially!

I have written on this subject to the CM a week after he took over. His office staff apologetically tell me the CM is too busy to see it, leave alone reply. I can understand, as he has one hand tied behind his back by the High Command when having to select his cabinet and distribute portfolios. The other hand will most probably join there when he has to prove he means business and walk the talk. I do hope and pray that he gets all the help he badly needs from his Ministers and MLAs to first expedite the revamping of the administration, starting from the TOP.

Work for the people (July 7, 2007) | oHERALDo

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