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Thread: Is media under RTI preview

  1. Is media under RTI preview

    Dear Informationists,
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    Live telecast, interviews, previews etc of Terrorists, naxals, underworld gang man, and dacoits etc have become a customary trait in electronic media. These are those anti-national and anti-social elements for whom there are red corner notices in not only states security agencies but the Interpol.
    And the verity is that if anyone of them can be apprehended by the state police, the social and national life would be significantly enhanced and security definitions would become more tenable.
    But life is not a game of Ifs and Buts.
    The astounding truth is media, the most responsible characteristic of democratic charter, can reach such dreaded persons, telecast long interviews and cover stories, (sorry Breaking News), but the same media can’t assist the state Police to catch hold of such dreaded delinquents, just because “its against the ethics and regulations of media –informer networking”. <O:p></O:p>
    Lately in the one of the regulations, Security and intelligence agencies, strappingly recommended that Media personnel, are citizens first and in such a terror prone national scenario, they should act as assistance and not as a mere broadcasters for any the anti national activism. The agencies opined that if any media personnel have excess to such felons they should alliance with the Govt to carry out seize operations.
    But as everyone knows the power media has, the regulation was said to be omitted and later on because of several controversies the act itself went into oblivion.
    But today does the RTI also covers informations pertaining to why such media activities?
    Do we have the right to ask, why media, the most responsible states citizens, should not be assisting Govt rather than merely telecasting such high TRP interviews etc?
    Can we Question ourselves 1<SUP>st</SUP>, that should Media be answerable?
    I opine, YES!
    What Say?
    Abhinav Bohare
    The Right Informed

  2. Re: Is media under RTI preview

    Dear Abhinav,

    In this portal, we discuss mostly about the RTI Act and its implementation and functioning. Presently the RTI Act covers information under the control of Public Authorities. The term public authority is further amplified to include a govt authority or any other organisation owned, controlled or substantially financed by the govt. as enumerated under Sec.2(h) of the said Act.

    In its present form, the RTI Act does not provide for questioning private bodies like the media, though you may ask them these questions through other forms like "letters to the editor" etc. Questioning ourselves is also beyond the purview of RTI

    May I request you to post such questions in the Chit-chat column of our portal.

  3. Re: Is media under RTI preview

    Dear Ganpat,

    I am in a learning process of your rti forums..

    I am gradually understanding that is also a part of the system, called Government.....

    Thanks a ton for the information. But shouldn't we be informed that why Govt has no act to regulate such interviews of media in sensitive terror scenario.
    When you say private body like media. I was not questioning the media, I was asking for the opinion of the Govt that- why such regulations, if suggested by security agencies, in such a volitile terror envirnment, are not not agreeed upon by Govt of India. I was asking that are we impowered under RTI to aks Govt on such security issues.

    I some how thought , we should know this, instead of chatting on such issues on CHIT CHAT rooms

    Anyways, your good self is more experinced in so I would try out others options too, to get better replies


  4. Re: Is media under RTI preview

    Dear Abhinav

    1. Doordarshan and All India Radio (Prasar Bharti ) will come under RTI Act 2005.

    2. How about some creative questions under RTI Act to these two Govt media for getting border dispute or terrorism related information. I do not see any justification about the hush-hush role play by our Govt on security matters. It only helps to breed absurd rumour and unnecessary suspicion between neighbours. We, the Citizen, are no less patriot than our political masters !!!

    3. We have the Glassgow Airport fire incident before us and the open information that was available from BBC and UK Govt sources. Govt Of India should take a lesson from this.

  5. Re: Is media under RTI preview


    I appreciate you point one . On the contrary I would like to add that the other two replies that you have posted are something that would not be able to reply in this or any other forum .

    But all I can say is that " You have concluded in haste" , though as a lay man you are correct

  6. Re: Is media under RTI preview

    To all RTI Dreamers and RTI Doers

    I do need to have more comments on my point 2 & 3. The cameraman or stand-by power supply electrician or O.B. Van drivers are total outsiders and never a part of media. They are Citizen who are working for gain. If they know or have access to a border dispute location and may be actual casualties- how other citizen can be denied this information ?

  7. Re: Is media under RTI preview

    Yup Well said..Agree

  8. Re: Is media under RTI preview

    A big achievement indeed - getting an agreement from Abhinav.

    I shall be more happy to have comments from other RTI Activists on our views. What happens if Kushal or other senior activists sends e-mal on this subject to leading media persons ( not media barons please !) and invite their opinion on the subject. Such Media person can apply their 'right to reply' !!


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