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Thread: Incorrect Information

  1. Incorrect Information

    The information furnished is incorrect.A a conplaint with the CIC can be made.How to prove that the information is incorrect,misleading etc.

  2. Re: Incorrect Information

    Without knowing the complete details of the RTI application, the reply to it and without a knowledge of other connected matters or corroborative evidences associated with the issue, it is not possible to give a reply.

    If you are quite sure that the reply furnished is incorrect, then please start collecting available evidences which are at variance with the reply and file your appeal.

  3. Re: Incorrect Information

    To add to it, you can always opt for inspection of document to supplement.

  4. Re: Incorrect Information

    Thank you Kushal, that is a very valid point. (By the way, what happened to the " thanks" button?)

  5. Re: Incorrect Information

    i have clearly written my application that what informaion i want even though they have not provided me right info what should i do?

  6. Re: Incorrect Information

    Dear Venusdev,
    You will be replied separately in the new thread started by you, since you have got a separate issue on hand.


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