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Thread: Wht should be my next step?

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    Wht should be my next step?

    I had asked Railway about arrival and departure time of Local DMU. I also asked that wht is the schedule stoppage at the place and how much time it stops.
    They have replied and it shows not asingle day it is in right time. But the actual time of arrival and departure is not correct, Further scheduled stopage is 10 mins but it is being kept for 30 minutes most of the day, but as per them rarely it has happened.
    Now wht should be my next step sao that railway authority run the train in time. Please guide me

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    According to you, the reply from the railways is in-correct/misleading. Every motor-man (driver) has to maintain a log book of arrival and departure at every station. If I am right, similar details are logged in at the respective stations also. If you ask for inspection of these records, then the truth will come out. If the reply you have received is contrary to the truth, you can prefer a complaint.

    The following RTI qusetions will also be helpful.
    a. What are the reasons for such delay on a daily basis?
    b. Please give the names and designations of railway officials responsible for this regular delayed-running.
    c. Furnish the names and designations of the persons who are entrusted with the task of ensuring that the trains always run on time without any delay.
    d. Are the railways having any rules/regulations to take action against persons who are responsible for this regular delayed-running.
    e. Please furnish me the details of all such actions taken during the last one year in .........(your) division.

    These are just a few thoughts that came to my mind immediately. Perhaps, other members may be able to contribute something more and better.

    I wish you good luck in your endeavour.


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    Re: Wht should be my next step?

    Thank You Ganpat, I also thought in this line but now whom should I ask? Becoz I find all are same from top to bottom. Can you suggest me to whom I should quesrry. Is it same authority or it will be an appeal. If it is an appeal whats the process? I am really thankful that you have tried to guide me.

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    If your earlier application does refer to point which ganpat has pointed out then you need to file another application.
    If they are part of the earlier application then you may go for appeal in the same line.

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    Re: Wht should be my next step?

    Earlier I sought information From 1.1.2007 to 28.02.2007 From chakrdharpur railway division regarding late running of 3JS DMU.I found the informatios given were misleading and fabricated. Again I wanted information from 1.3.2007 to 31.5.2007. I sent the application on 12.06.2007 with requisite fees, but though one month has elapsed they have not given me the informations. In the mean time I maintained one diary and noted down the timings for one month. This particular trains has not run intime a single day and passengers are misbehaved by the station staff also in case of enquiry. I want to file a consumer suit and for that I require this information.Please let me know how can I appeal? and whom I shall appeal

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    Re: Wht should be my next step?

    Dear ganpat,
    Till today I have not received the information and the 30 days will be over 0n 22nd September. What should be my next step now. In case I receive the information I shall let you know.

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    Dear Hemant,
    Since you have received a reply for your earlier RTI query, I am sure you will get a response this time as well. Any how, allow a time gap of another 5 days from due date to cover exigencies like postal/transit delays. The reply to your earlier RTI application should also be containing the details of the first Appellate Authority. Please check up the same for this.

    Looks like your expectations are high this time. Let us wait for the reply. In the mean time I wish you good luck.

  8. Re: Wht should be my next step?

    Dear Gasnpat,
    I also submitted query like q 1 as above. asking some reason . But simple reply I received " It is not within the ambit of RTI. Also asked Q2 & Q3 , but no proper reply has been provided. Please let me know whether I can ask the public authority that what is the reason of Govt. Deptt, to help the corrupt persons years after years ? what way this type of query may be framed. The 1st appeal & 2nd appeal submitted , but no response received from their end, even in one case the relevant paters were not available in the file, during inspection. No file noting etc were seen. We were told ---- this is the procedure of our file keeping. WHAT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN OUR FILE, WE ARE NOT IN A POSITION to furnish any information. In 15. 05.07 one Chief of the Govt. Deptt. simply mentioned" No record is available in the concerned. " in 14 queries out of 19 asked for in three applications. During hearing of the appeal, when I produced the proof of the document which was submitted in that office with office seal and signed receipt, they did not bother at all, and A.A informed samething--'not available in our records" Second appeal is to be prepared . Any body would suggest me the proper way of drafting this matter for the 2nd appeal ?-- Abhijeet

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