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Thread: what if government office provide misleading information

  1. what if government office provide misleading information

    i have applied to deputy collector for photocopy of photopass register for particalar slum on 20/04/2007 even after a months time they have not acted upon it and then i files a second letter on 29th05/2007 addressing to office for enquiry on my application and action on the same, but with no action or reply from the officer received by me
    then i submitted a letter to public information officer on 06/06/2007.on which they have replied us to pay a sum of rs 1000/- which we paid
    on so many personal visit to office they have not given me informaion and on 13/07/07 they have given me photo copy of photopass register but of a diffrent area and receipt of rs 680/-they have charged me rs 680/- and also not given me the information which i sought and unneccesarily charged me rs 680/-
    the main issue is 1) they have misguided me in providing informaion
    2)not provided informaion within prescribed time frame
    3) not cooperated me in getting information
    4)provided misleading informaion and charged me heavily

    what should be my next action

    i will appriciate ur guidance

  2. Re: what if government office provide misleading information

    any information furnished late,beyond permitted time,i.e.30 days has to be furnished free.[SEC.7{6} of RTI ACT] u have been suplied late ,so ask for full refund.for wrong info go for appeal.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: what if government office provide misleading information


    Apart from what narayanvarma Sir said (free information because its given late and first appeal for wrong information), please also remember the following:

    1. Did you get back the balance of Rs 320 ?
    If no, this can be another ground for first appeal.
    2. You correctly pointed out "incorrect" and "misleading" information.
    The relevant section is 18, 1, e.
    3. From your email, it is not clear what was the date of your application
    under RTI ?
    Please remember that the reply should be within 30 days or at the most
    30 + 5 days (if application was transfered to another Public Authority).
    If this has not happened, it is "delayed" information.
    4. If, your application was made on 20/4/07 initially and you had to make
    several rounds to even get a reply, then it can be termed as "deemed"
    refusal to give information.
    That is another ground for appeal.
    5. In his letter, did the PIO "justify" and explain the charges of Rs 1000.00,
    which they asked you to pay ? If he did not, that is another ground for
    appeal. (Even though you paid the Rs 1000.00)
    6. If he justified the Rs 1000 correctly, then why did they finally charge
    only Rs 680.00 ?
    That means either they calculated incorrectly or are "hiding" some
    information that they initially thought they will give to you.
    This point proves that not only the information is "misleading", but the
    intentions of the PIO are also "malafide".

    Next action is to go for First Appeal. This is to be made to the AA under RTI Act in that PA OR you can just address your appeal to "Higher Officer for First Appeal under RTI Act 2005". Your case is a classic case of "Heads I win, Tails they lose" - so do not worry. Just be careful that the First Appeal is filed within 30 days of receiving the information.

  4. Re: what if government office provide misleading information

    Quote Originally Posted by venusdev View Post
    what should be my next action

    i will appriciate ur guidance
    1. If you have the addresses of the Appellate Authority, file the First Appeal within 30 days after you received the information. Else, go in for a Second Appeal with the State Information Commission.

    2. Point out clearly the dates of each event and that the period of 30 days as prescribed in Section 7 of the RTI Act had transgressed.

    3. List out the errors and ommissions of the CPIO in your appeal.

    4. In your prayer, request for full refund of the fees paid, supply of correct information and also request that the Public Authority implement Section 4 immediately.

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    Re: what if government office provide misleading information

    This is a classic case. Please donot delay it and take action as corrrectly advised by our learned members. LESSON LEARNT: In such cases it is better to inspect the records first and ask for its copy giving references exactly as stated therein.

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    Re: what if government office provide misleading information

    please file the first appeal immediately

  7. Re: what if government office provide misleading information

    Dear Mahaveer,

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