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Thread: The details of Leave Travel Concession are not exempt

  1. The details of Leave Travel Concession are not exempt

    THe CENTRAL INFORMATION COMMISSION by it's order no. F.No.CIC/AT/A/2006/00317 Dated, the 10th October, 2006 decided that the information pertaing to Leave travel concession availed by an official does not qualifies to be personal information hence is not exempt either under section 8(1)(j) nor under section 11(1).

    Information regarding LTC disbursals to a Government employee is not an information wholly personal to that employee, and should, therefore, be disclosed.

    The plea of such information being entirely barred under Section 8(1)(j) should, therefore, fail. The details about the amounts claimed by official as LTC, the block years for which the claim was made, number of persons for whom claim made, dates of filing the claim and disbursal, advance taken and adjustment if any, and the sanction for using the LTC can be disclosed.

    However, other personal details such as the names of the family members of official, their age, etc. which are personal in nature should be barred from disclosure. The PIO can use the provision of the Section 10 of the RTI Act to separate the information to be disclosed from that which is not to be disclosed.

    As regards application of Section 11(1), it does not attract this Section, since an LTC transaction does not meet the criterion of confidentiality which is a key element of the Section.

  2. Thats a very good information. I hope RTI will also bring out the Travelling Allowances given to Governemnt servants on Tour.

  3. But why somebody would need other person Leave details?

  4. Travell Allowance: Was my questions..
    This will show that in governemnt services officer of the rank of Deputy Sectary to GOI gets a daily T. Allowances of merely Rs. 230 + Rs 505 (Hotel) when visiting city (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Madras) on official work. For other cities it is even less.


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