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Thread: Are Govt Security Agencies covered under RTI

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Are Govt Security Agencies covered under RTI

    Quote Originally Posted by narayanvarma View Post
    I SUPPLEMENT TO WHAT KUSHAL has correctly replied. ; 1.ONLY 18 ORGANISATIONS ARE COVERED,others remain not covered. 2:section 24 providing for their exemption also provides that information pertaining to the allegation of corruption and human rights violation shall not be excluded .
    Very correct.
    See the following thread covering the same subject:

  2. Well , this seems to be case pertaining to Govt employee Accommodation and not to Security...CIC has not asked for information pertaining to National Security or Intelligence Operation being conducted by Intelligence Bureau. CIC has asked about the Officer who was enjoying accomodation and was found "ineligible"

    This is absolutely as per RTI Act , that security agencies can'e be questioned but for as Karira mentioned ofr "Non National Security matter informations"

    And Just of everyone's knowledge there is nothing like ASI, SI, Inspectors in RAW, SPG as well as IB.Here you would find Junior CIO, Asst CIO, Dy CIO in IB and Junior FO, DyFO, Asst FO in RAW and Asst SO, Junior SO, Dy SO, SSO etc in SPG.

    Anyone who comes directly through Intelligence Services or through deputation to RAW or SPG has to take the above positions. Though his pay scale can be compared to the ASI, SI , Inspector, DSP, ASP or SP, DIG IG etc of the Police forces.

    Another imp aspect

    IB is a Central Paramilitary organization and not a Police organization and even RPF is no included as CPO orgn as IB.


    For further knowledge

    The Director of the Intelligence Bureau is also the Chief or Chairman of the Indian Police

    As the Three Chiefs of Army , navy and Airforce his Staff Car also plates 4 stars

    WHereas all the DGPs or even Director of CBI plates THREE stars on the staff car

    It is therefore said that in Indian Police Services the highest order of avenue is DIB or DIrector Intelligence Bureau


  3. Re: Are Govt Security Agencies covered under RTI

    Great insight Abhinav.

  4. Re: Are Govt Security Agencies covered under RTI

    Pleasure is Mine and COngrts Sir for the the achievement irrespective of Odd, by Your good self

  5. Re: Are Govt Security Agencies covered under RTI

    This is interesting - basically the people have no right to know exactly how the secret service is using the tax payers money? It is known that our Intelligence agencies are not accountable to anybody other than the PMO, PMH, Home Minister, Defence minister, external affairs minister. So effectively they are at the beck and call of the 'ruling elite' who may use them to serve their own selfish agendas! I think the intelligence agencies should be made accountable to the parliament (like in most countries!). Intelligence operators who are well aware of how the Political elite are filling their coffers with money that is meant for govt funded projects, are unable to do anything about it. Should anyone choose not to indulge these ministers they're threatened with 'Dismissal'. The people of India have a right to know how their hard earned money is being used...

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Are Govt Security Agencies covered under RTI

    If you won't mind may I put a small disagreement ? Number of stars in the star plates may not convey the correct comparative status. There is a government of India publication on protocall. It gives a rough idea though I, personally(personally) used to disagree with that also. For eg., A DIG of Police display one star in his vehicle. As per protocall a DIG of Police is at par with Lt Col/Col of Army depending on the years of one's Class I service. But a Lt Col or Col of Army is not authorised to display a star. Only a Brigadier in the Army is allowed to display ' one star '. But he is much above DIG. So are the badges of ranks. In a ceremonial parade at Madhya Pradesh long ago I came across a Jail Superintendent wearing "Col's" badges of rank. He was commanding a Jail contingent in the ceremonial parade tobne presented toGovernor. My Parade 2IC was only a Junior Major . The Jail Superintendent with Col's badges of rank was abiding by the orders of Army Major.

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