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Thread: Need Guidance on use of neighbour electricity

  1. Need Guidance on use of neighbour electricity

    Hi RTI Forum:

    We have a situation to respond to:
    1. Two brothers who dont speak to each other yet live in the same home with respective families.
    2. One brother suddenly decides NOT to pay his share [50%] of the BEST electricity bill - from Ausgust last year.
    3. BEST agrees to accept the other brother's 50% [without prejudice].
    4. In March this year BEST removes the electricity meters leaving the flat in darkness.
    5. The brother who refused to pay his share moves out to his mother in law's flat about a furlong away.
    6. The other brother wants to avail of a neighbor's gesture of permitting use of a line from theri premise so that this family can have electricity.
    7. The neighbor is [of course] willing to pay the electricity bill to BEST.
    The Question: Is this permissable? If not - why?
    I would appreciate hearing form someone.

    Many thanks,

  2. Re: Need Guidance on use of neighbour electricity

    This is one of the interesting story i heard.
    It remind me of the story of two headed bird. The bird heads fought with each other on the issue of who gonna eat a exotic fruit. One head said i will eat and you watch.
    The other head eat a poisonous fruit same day and the bird died.

    I wonder what advise can be given.

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    Re: Need Guidance on use of neighbour electricity

    Hi Maneesh, No offense meant to you, but shouldn't this forum of RTI India be left out of subjective analysis? Why not objectively solve Shivy's problem? And if there is no solution to it, then better courageously raise both your hands and say "I give up". Atleast I would do so and I always do so in cases where I can't give any advise to my younger siblings, and can only give them encouragement for finding the solutions themselves. See, we are only humans!

    Now, Shivy, probably you need to look into the aspect of separating the electricity meters for yourself and your brother's family. Talk to the BEST engineers (not to any clerks or accountants please) and managers. This is a case where customized solution is needed. They can best help you.

    It seems you do not talk with your brother, but I think discussing the matter of separating the meters peacefully is not familial in nature. So you can raise this discussion with him. Atleast give it a try, I would.

    Hope you find the solution.

  4. Re: Need Guidance on use of neighbour electricity

    Right to Information, Act was created with the intension of bringing about transparency in the governance of our country and to remove corruption by virtue of transparency.

    This thread / post although very interesting, is out of the purview of right to information act.
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