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Thread: E-Filing of RTI application

  1. E-Filing of RTI application

    HI evbody,
    I just get to know that RTI application could be filed online also. Okay if one file RTI application online first thing is how to get acknowledgement of having read it. Well somebody on forum says one should use Read Receipt. I searched for Read Receipt on yahoo , google etc. but could not get hold of it. My second query if we are filiing online how to make payments of fees . Is it possible to make payments through credit cards.


  2. Re: E-Filing of RTI application

    I am not sure where has this proposal been mooted? Can you point it somewhere.

    I had one suggestion of read receipt here:

    Off course, Department of Posts allows the filing of RTI application online. You go and deposit the application and fees at the Post Office and the CPIO of post office would lodge the application online for all the central Government Ministries. This is the module from where they do: Login

  3. Re: E-Filing of RTI application

    Section 6 of the RTI ACT states that one can ' make a request in writing or through electronic means........'however system is not organised yet to make it possible. Iunderstand: CIC will ask all departments to begin accepting applications via email and has proposed to P.M. to so advise all so thatcitizens can make payment online and get information.let us hope it happens soon.

  4. Re: E-Filing of RTI application

    Email interface to RTI is needed. But considering the current state of e-savviness of public authorities (PA) it cannot be made mandatory for all PAs. Nevertheless, it should be forced on PAs whose PIOs have access to emails. But such a decision faces a few hurdles, the biggest of which is:

    "PAs are not RTI friendly, RTI is something which has been force on them. They are hardly likely to be willing to facilitate the process of RTI."

    It is also not a very good idea that the facilities needed for the e-RTI should be duplicated by all the public authorities. Ideally the eRTI portal should be central and common to all PAs and also catering to RTI of various states. Seems like NIC is working on some sort of portal for RTI. I am not very sure what it is all about and also am not very positive about it being able to utilise the latest technologies.

    While e-filing one needs to make sure of following things

    1. The application is made by an Indian citizen.
    2. The proper fee is paid.
    3. The fee is remitted to the concerned PA.

    These basic things can be easily done with collaboration of
    1. Few banks, which have a core banking system
    2. IT companies like, Google, MS, TCS, Infosys and may be others
    The money which these firms will have to spend on making such a portal will be a fraction of what they currently spend in their PR programs.

    All PAs will have accounts on this portal, and can recieve and send documents on it. The portal will maintain the email base, and can also maintain the replies made to the RTI aplications.

    With such central information base, it will be easier for citizens to find precedences of information released by PAs. Public-Private partnership is essential in achieving success in this system.

    Its possible and is needed.

  5. Re: E-Filing of RTI application

    Quote Originally Posted by kushal View Post

    I had one suggestion of read receipt here:
    The suggestion is very practical.

  6. Re: E-Filing of RTI application

    I am sorry but i am of the opinion that we are becoming too ambitious.priority is to see how common man can get benifit of RTI and how to improve positive responses from PIOs and not email and cr.card payments etc.

  7. Re: E-Filing of RTI application

    only the offices that are provided with internet facility can be accessed through electronic-mail .Government of india and some of the departments in state governments have this facility.In Tamilnadu, all corporations and Municipalities have E-Governance facility. All the Documents and the details of the previous years are not yet completely transformed into electronic form by the end users . RTI INDIA should insist the central government and state governments to ensure speedy E-Governance . When this task is achieved, everything becomes transparent and the necessity to use RTI will also decrease.At this stage ,all the RTI INDIA members can ask the central and satate governments, When E-Governance facility will be completed? This my suggestion.

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    Re: E-Filing of RTI application

    Thanks to all for providing so much informations.

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