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    I think there are good reasons to make it illegal for government officials to have side work while working for government. If they have other jobs, they might use government time or resources to do their side work. They are also likely to get offers of good jobs from people who are dependent of duties of the official job. For example, a highly placed official in charge of giving out contracts for construction, will get lots of offers of job from construction companies.

    I think I may be prejudiced because of my personal experiences in High School in Hyderabad. One teacher had side business. Very often he would meet his clients in the school during class hours. Our education was secondary to him. He was late to class often, and frequently missed classes completely, and we could see him talking to people in his room. I fear that will become common in government offices too, if officials are allowed to have second jobs.

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    I am a Centre Govt. gazzetted employee . So far as i know a govt. servant cannnot do any other job on week ends and off days . So can u people clarify what does it means . Where as we get frequent calls from our office during these off days.
    The rule though old still exists and applies 24x7. Govt. servants cannot work outside the Government offices even during the free time. A few exemptions are allowed to scientists, lecturers etc. Of course, you are free to write books, articles and receive honorarium. You are also permitted to give talks on AIR or DD and receive honorarium from them. Please check CCS(Conduct) Rules properly.

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    I am little out of touch with CC&A Crules and FR now. But I have been maintaining the impression that a government servant is on duty 24X7. His working hours in the office and payment for working after the laid down working hours may be diferent. As per the Rules nothing stops the govvernment in ordering a government servant to come for duty any time basedon the exingency. Can he sy ' No ' and abstain from attending ?. He is on duty 24 x 7. If I am wrong kindly correct me.
    Incidentally if we follow the American system of payment by hour's duty many government servants may have to pay the government instead of drawing salary.

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