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Thread: Oath of 24x7

  1. Oath of 24x7

    Hi forumists,
    I am a Centre Govt. gazzetted employee . So far as i know a govt. servant cannnot do any other job on week ends and off days . So can u people clarify what does it means . Where as we get frequent calls from our office during these off days . Is it not mean we are bound to give 24x7 service . where as we get paid only for 5 days a week. I worked in USA also there I was paid for my project assigned with all the no of hours put into to complete it. How u opine about govt. servant working 24x7 with mandatory obligation not to do any other job.


  2. Re: Oath of 24x7

    This is real nervy question very close to those in Government.

    Without actual quoting, we had this discussions at one of the party we had of civil servants. One of the officer, said to me: "Government thinks that after working for so many hours, you are exhausted and hence must take a proper break during weekends", and therefore any work during the weekend would reduce the energy level for next week of Government work. :rolleyes:

    Well this answer would then be contradictory to what you said, why 24x7 work inside the Government.

  3. Re: Oath of 24x7

    I do not understand this question and RTI. This forum is about RTI, and I fail to see how this question relates to RTI.

  4. Re: Oath of 24x7

    I agree with SATISH GUPTA in his comments.

  5. Re: Oath of 24x7

    Just to quote the purpose of this particular forum:
    Chit Chat A place to talk and discuss about everything other than RTI

  6. Re: Oath of 24x7

    Okay. I understand now

  7. Re: Oath of 24x7

    Government service means the dedication to social cause 24 X 7 and if one choose it, one need to live it up.

  8. Re: Oath of 24x7

    Every one's work is linked to social cause. The people working in Private Sector are also contributing to Social Cause directly and indirectly.

    Kushal view point is valid, if the exigencies are occasional no one minds working on week ends, but if it becomes a routine then we have to see in the back ground of over all systemic efficiency and the service being delivered.

    No social good will be served by a person who is fatigued and harassed by over work.

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