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Poll: Should Annual Confidential Report of Officials be disclosed under RTI?

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Thread: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    Hope you succeed.

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    Ravindrakumar Maheshwari
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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    Since you have gone through the contents of fiduciary relationship in this thread and preferred and appeal to the FAA, wait for the disposal. If still aggrieved by the order of the FAA, prefer second appeal to CIC on the basis of inputs in the thread. We wish you good luck.

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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    Annual Confidential reports is prepared by the higher up's on their subordinates.If one officer says that his subordinate is good, the same subordinate is called bad by another officer.It depends on the subordinates adjustability towards the higher up's.Why should we bother? It's a pair show.

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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    Why cannot that pair show be transparent and that is the goal of eliminating corruption

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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    One higher up calls his subordinate good, another higher up remarks the same subordinate to be bad.Who is right? Which pair to be believed?

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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    Dear Mr J Peter

    if one righteous officer were assessed by somebody with whom the righteous ratee disagreed on something dishonest with his superior and the superior has the audacity to rate a righteous junior lower as vengeance in hidden portion and not in visible portion, the superior is lacking in moral courage.

    If one were dishonest and a righteous reporting officer grades a dishonest officer as lower in visible portion, he is having moral courage of keeping his own house in order first and then grading the dishonest what he deserve .

    The basic concept of writing a CR must be based on truthful transparent reporting. It will have following inference for four categories of ratee officers.

    (aa) A dishonest ratee under a dishonest IO or RO has no problems. He is a party to all illogical activities and will in any case always get a good CR from a similar minded IO/ RO in a corrupt and double standard environment. He does not require any protection from any organzation rule but on the contrary organization must screen a dishonest ratee with his IO and RO for all shady deals if some complaint is reported against them.

    (ab) An honest and competent ratee under a competent and honest IO or RO also is not much concerned of hidden portion because of mutual faith and recognition of work. It is a pleasure to work in such an environment where nobody has apprehension of being made a pressurized sacrificial lamb but an urge to keep improving own competence under guidance of a good IO and RO. Most of my life I had the privilege to work under many such great men who were total team men approachable to all juniors and lived / rose in high ranks through ethics means only.

    (ac) It is protection to a honest ratee under a dishonest IO / RO / SRO who has to be protected by some rule before only. The respective IO and RO if they are forced with an open and transparent CR system and have to harm a ratee openly will perforce have to keep their own house in order lest it backfires. In that way it is also being ensured that a IO or RO are perforce clean themselves and the whole working environment as a result is clean with assessment now based solely on competence and not shady deals. The ratee is also aware that his competence only will be judged not personal favors.

    (ad) If a honest IO or RO are aware of a dishonest or incompetent ratee, they do not have to resort to an above avg grading in visible portion and average in non visible portion. I am sure they will have that courage of conviction to make a fool proof case to put the hard facts to a Ratee.

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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    My issue was redress against damaged ACR from corrupt senior officer:

    The corrupt unworthy IOs and ROs misuse and misinterpret rules to coerce a ratee to surrender to their illogical demands being aware that there is no protection for ratee in some rules as explained in sub paras. I had suggested as part of reform as following loopholes are used to finish the righteous ones

    (i) 7 and 8 points to be segregated in separate blocks as avg and above avg. This is because 7 points is not fit to make it in present environment. An unworthy IO or RO are using this to finish the career of a many honest and straight offrs. If an offr is not deserving let him be rated as avg as only 7 and not above avg by 7 pointer. IO / RO give open threats that a 6 pointer CR is easier to be challenged but nobody can question 7 as it is above avg.

    (ii) If an IO is retiring, he has to initiate a CR on ratee before he leaves the duty station. Same provision must be there as a compulsory rule for an IO to initiate a CR before he goes on posting. They do not have the courage to see eye to eye with an honest ratee, hence send the CR by post. The IO in extreme org commitments must also inform in writing before leaving the station to ratee, RO, SRO and organzation the pressing circumstances why he is taking CR which in any case may be turned down by RO if they are not satisfied.

    (iii) It is a dichotomy if an IO give two kinds of reports in a same CR, very good in visible portion and an avg in non visible portion. Is it because he himself is lacking in courage of conviction to tell a ratee in visible portion the hard facts or he is fooling an honest straight ratee in non visible portion with help of RO.

    (iv) It is a known fact that many a career have been finished with a ratee walking a tight rope with either or both IO and RO involved in shady deals. There is no protection from a corrupt RO in such a case

    For all the above issues under RTI it is important that the redress mechanism for a ACR complaint may please be more informative what happens at every stage in a year plus period.

    It at least keeps a complainant hopes alive that justice will be given one day.If a complaint is rejected let the noting sheets be transparent to confirm if the facts have been put across to you in an honest truthful manner without any undue influence.

    One is lucky if his official application or redress comes in hands of a righteous ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE branch official who will certainly give genuine recommendation for a genuine redress.

    If it is affecting interest of another well connected officer who was the reporting officer, then the righteous ones in ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE branchare also neutralized. The writ of corrupt branch official takes over to help the aquintnces who are corrupt IOs/ROS .

    (v)The corrupt IO/RO via MoD /politician/ senior officers links buy out the corrupt officials in adminsiatrative justice as truth about them will also get them into a spot so the aim is to suppress the corrupt issues and merely give a single line speaking order that the complaint is rejected. The righteos ratee never know if the issues he mentioned were ever addressed or verifed. RTI will make the redress open so that justice is given on merit and not suppressed via hidden file noting and a single line vague speaking order.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act


    Please be reminded that this portal is meant for discussing issues related to RTI.
    This thread deals with disclosure of ACR's related to RTI.
    Please restrict your posts and comments regarding RTI and ACR.
    Please do not start discussing the methodology, efficacy, etc. of ACR's.
    New members and guests will end up getting confused.

    Thank You !
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