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Poll: Should Annual Confidential Report of Officials be disclosed under RTI?

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Thread: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

  1. Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    Nomenclature of ACR (Annual Confidential Report) is changed to that of APAR (Annual Performance Appraisal Report vide DoP&T OM no.21011/I/2005-Estt(A)(Pt.II) dt 14/5/09 and copy of APAR is required to be given to each of the officer reported upon.

    Now, therefore there is no need to use RTI to get ACR/APAR by employee concerned.

    Now that DoP&T itself has cast its VOTE as YES.

    Satyameva Jayate सत्यमेव जयते

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    NK Agarwal
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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    Dear Mr Ravi,
    It is not that simple, the new DOPT OM does not make it simpler to get the info about the ACRs.
    To understand this one has to understand why info about (his/her) ACRs is important and why the PAs want to deny this vital info.
    Normally one want to have the info about his/her ACRs if one feels injustice has been inflicted to him/her through the abuse of the process of writing/maintaining ACRs.
    For promotions, 5 years ACRs are generally considered i.e for vacancy year 2009-10 ( upto March 2010) the 5 year ACRs as available upto 1.1.2009 would be considered. This means that ACRs for 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06 2006-07, 2007-08 would be considered for promotion etc.
    The DOPT OM does not say that the ACRs can be disclosed, what it says is that APARs would be disclosed to the individuals.
    It means that for ACRs for the year 2008-09 and older one has to use RTI Act-2005 to obtain info about his/her ACRs as these may not be covered by the said OM of DOPT.
    The RTI Act-2005 does not become redundant for obtaining info about ACRs /APAR older than 2009-10.
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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    As a Retired Govt Servant/ having retired in the capacity as a Head of Deptt (at Region level), my views are:
    ACR itself defines it as CONFIDENTIAL. Hence it may not be so open as one may desire.
    Employees are given chance to make entries under "self-assessment" at least in Officers category.
    IT IS NECESSARY TO EDUCATE/ IMBIBE AWARENESS AMONG ALL ABOUT THE ACRs- among Employees/ Reporting- Assessing Officers/ Reviewing/Accepting Authorities etc for a healthy practice in this regard.
    Where Self-Assessment is permitted, all Employees must be given assistance if necessary to draft/make the necessary entries.
    In cases of adverse reports, no doubt the contents are conveyed. But then many employees succumb and do not contest or reply.
    In such cases, they must get advice/ be advised by / reminded IN PERSON by the ACCEPTING AUTHORITY to furnish reply - and if necessary provide assistance.
    Final grading (Excellent/ V Good/Good/Satisfactory etc)- its implications etc must be known to the EMPLOYEES.
    ACRs should be made mostly OBJECTIVE in nature.

    THE REPORTED MUST ALSO HAVE A CHANCE TO REPORT ON THE REPORTING AUTHORITY ON FEW SELECTED PARAMETERS LIKE RELATIONSHIP DURING THE YEAR, CONFLICTS IF ANY, INSTERACTIVE ATTITUDE, GUIDANCE CAPACITY, INSPECTIONS MADE, Etc in Objective terms so that any bias can be judged and corrections made by the accepting or appellate authority. (More can be written!!!!!!!)

    Much also would depend on the Reviewing or Accepting authority who have to play their roles as mature moderators.

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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    dear sir
    i am writing as one who has recently not been promoted
    only information i have about reasons (un official ) is one average ACR
    I am looking for two two things
    What can I do to make my department inform me the reasons for not promoting me
    Where does it say in government rules that all five ACR have to be above or equal to benchmark

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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    Dear Shri Prakash

    Every Govt. Department having channels of promotion for departmental candidates have to fiollow their own/ govt. laid down Rules. You have to enquire and find out from the concerned administration.

    ACRs are the main basis for assessing a departmental candidate's fitness or otherwise for promotion to the next higher post subject to the vacancy there.

    Fixing the threshhold grades and the number may not be defined but may definitely be used to assess the relative 'fitness' for the departmental promotions.

    In some systems/ promotional modes (say for eg "non-functional" grades) the seniority is given the prime consideration and the ACRs will then be secondary to the extent just to ensure that the minimum positive grade is sufficient for the stipulated residency period-certainly not adversely reported candidates nor those with adverse integrity.

    Again stipulation of no. of years wh in turn means no. of "Annual" CRs, will be in terms of the residency period required in the lower post for promotion to the next higher one. Adverse Reports may increase one's residency period by a few more years for next review. One POOR grading may have to be compensated by two "Good" grades in the succeeding two years.

    Accelerated promotions may be possible in some systems based on OUTSTANDING/ EXCELLENT gradings for 3 consecutive years!

    Missing promotion because of one "Average" Report may mean others in the race got better Assessment Reports than the incumbent- other things being equal (residency period etc.)

    Department is not obliged to explain the reason for your not being promoted.

    You may appeal- then seek legal redressal following the Rules- as far as I understand.

    So keep your performance at the highest possible levels- develop and maintain best inter-personal relationships with one and all- maintain absolute integrity with impeccable character and devotion.

    You are sure to succeed.

    Best of luck


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    Confidential Reports

    Is it possible to get certified copies of the Annual Confidential Reports (from Department of Atomic Energy) under RTI Act 2005?

    Some lawyers say - Yes.

    However, not even a single person, seeking this information has been provided with.

    Department has been refusing the information under Section 8 (1) J, saying - "it is a personal information and has no relationship with public".

    It will be of a great help, if someone can guide me so as to get the information.

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    Re: Confidential Reports

    yes u can
    acording to supreme court decision u can get it if u r talking bout C.R. even they will show u folder

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    Re: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    Thank you for your reply. I shall be grateful if could further clarify:
    a) Which address I can give for ACR copies - Office or Home?
    b) Is there any provision to pay more than Rs. 10, such as for cost of documents, etc.?


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