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Poll: Should Annual Confidential Report of Officials be disclosed under RTI?

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Thread: Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

  1. Disclosures of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) comes under Official Secret Act

    What is contained in confidential reports is undoubtedly ‘personal information’ about that employee. The ACRs are protected from disclosure because arguably such disclosure seriously harm interpersonal relationship in a given organization. Further, the ACR notings represent an interaction based on trust and confidence between the officers involved in initiating, reviewing or accepting the ACRs. These officers could be seriously embarrassed and even compromised if their notings are made public. There are, thus, reasonable grounds to protect all such information through a proper classification under the Official Secrets Act.

    Appeal No.128/ICPB/2006
    In the matter of Right to Information Act, 2005 – Section 19.

  2. It must have been vested interest in officers to get their information. Why on earth, in the first place would somebody ask for this information?

    May it's democracy, as stingojournal said in one post

  3. I think the Annual Confidential Report should come under RTI. Employee will be protected against any kind of partiality while promoting the one amongst the lot.

  4. If our Officers do their Job honestly and efficiently, they will not need to know about their ACR.

  5. I have opened a voting for this thread.

  6. Hi,
    I agree with Milinduw completely. Some transperancy is needed so that better officials are promoted not relatives of the current top officers. In fact at some level of crucial officers should be voted by the citizens of the city/town itself, like they have in Europe.


  7. No doubt the ACR contains personal information of a sensitive nature about the employee and bringing out such matters under RTI is sure to cause a lot of embarassment to the person concerned.

    But if objectivity and impartiality are lacking on the part of the officer who compiles such ACRs on persons who are working under him, what else is the remedy available to subordinates who are affected.

    I do not think that this question can be merely settled through a simple process of voting "yes or no". This requires a careful analysis of the pros and cons.

  8. I agree with Ganpat,
    The issue is not as simple as disclosing or retaining information.
    The dimension of the move has manifold effect. One immediate is the number of litigation in Central Administrative Tribunal will increase.
    I am all for a careful analysis of the issue before taking a call.
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