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Thread: How do I file an Application For Green Belt Norms and Regulations

  1. Re: How do I file an Application For Green Belt Norms and Regulations

    Hello All
    An Quick Update nothing is been done till date i have even sent another RTI Application asking for more details and several letters to many departments but the illegal encroachments still remains.

  2. Just A update I have sent letters to the personal grievience and human rights still matter is same as it is , I have even sent a RTI to the Charity Comm office, and all departments so far have claimed that all the construction is illegal but still no department is doing any action.

    no progress
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  3. Re: How do I file an Application For Green Belt Norms and Regulations

    Dear Dr Patel,

    In his post No.10(para1) Shri Manoj Pai has given you some additional suggestions to involve the authorities who are responsible for removal of illegal constructions. Could you make use of them?

    In my subsequent post no. 12, I had suggested obtaining a court order for removing the illegal structure, based on the municipal authorities' admission about the illegality of the construction. This is also worth considering. RTI can at best help you to obtain information that is available on record. Beyond a certain point, you may have to make use of such an information to substantiate your case while seeking appropriate legal remedy.
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    Just an update
    I recieved a letter regarding my second appeal , it came after about 1yrs 3 months and it was sent to the PIO asking to give a reply in 15 days to the state commission.

    yes i did write several applications regarding the illegal construction but still it is same like that , 1-2 months back also the trust wanted to expand the illegal buiilding and started to construct again, again i had to complain and try to stop the process.
    as i told the officers clearly told me that maximum in the state they will give a penalty or he has to give the answer about the illegal construciton at that time he would do it emotionally telling that it was for senior citizens and the toilet is for them , but I think rule is a rule , if i had not compaint the trust would have even made their quaters there.
    Years back the town planning had taken the plot from us 40% of the original plot it is 15000 sqfeet. and we went to court and was told that it shall be used for benifit for the area and shall be used for greenary , and this trust just jumps in without any permission starts construcitons, the Municipal corporation knows but cant tell anything due to some stron political hold , and allows then to develop. after compaints they start to do events so they becomes heros in front of public like free camps etc. earned over 15 lac.
    have even asked for the account under the rti trust now .

    its been over 2 years no aciton i think i have enough evedice to move towards the court. but my advocate tell me that it will take many years just to remove the structures. and we have to deal with the Municipal Corporation . and cannot deal with the trust , that means the trust can just continue to do what ever they want.
    This is the Law just imagine. I think i should file against the Municipal corporation and ask for my land back as it has not been developed for so many years and now it has been misused.

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