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    Google Trends....

    Sitting free, nearly the whole day, what better to do then to "pass time" on the net.

    Please visit: Google Trends

    In the search bar, type in a search term or word and than click on "trends".

    You will get a graph and data about the geographical regions/ cities / languages spread, which are searching for the particular term or word.

    Data can be further broken down month wise/ year wise / etc.
    Data can also be broken down as per sub regions.

    Kushal, I found that the term "RTI" is regularly searched for by someone in Jabalpur.......must be you (He He He He LOL).

    As a sideline, I did a search for the famous 3 letter word and guess what, Kerala, Trivandrum and Tamil top the list (Kushal, don't worry, Jabalpur is way down the list !....sorry, just pulling your leg).

    Good time pass.

    On a serious note, we can search some terms related to RTI and then "use" those terms to "up" our position on google search to the top ( Normally it is on either 2nd or 3rd position. Very seldom in the first position.

    If anyone is interested in doing more time pass and seeing what the future holds from Google, please visit Google Labs . You can try and use, some of the new technologies being developed at Google labs and also see which all ideas from the labs graduated to the net (Google Maps, Google Desktop, etc).

  2. Re: Google Trends....

    Yes, that is absolutely true. I usually search for 'RTI India'.

    Kindly participate in the discussions here, so that we can build some quality keywords:

    Did you search in Yahoo and MSN: See the search results:


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