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Thread: Can Private Orgn implement RTI act internally

  1. Re: Can Private Orgn implement RTI act internally

    Hi Sid

    By Internally , I mean that since RTI Is confined to Govt bodies , therefore any Private orgn , if is contemplating to intorduce or adopt RTI act, it would have to be Internally i.e. within the Organizations parameters

    By Personal Form, I meant , that in can adopt the spirit of the RTI Act , but would have to convert it into Personal format to implement , otherwise it may pose legal complications..

    Besides Friends

    I know some NGOs , those have adopted RTI act in similar forms

    Woudl soon let you know the details to appreciate such steps

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    Re: Can Private Orgn implement RTI act internally


    I think there is no harm if any private company or organisation follows the spirit of RTI and uses its framework (after suitable modifications) and opens up to the public at large.
    However, the legal backing for such a move will be lacking.
    For example, who will take on the role of CIC or SIC ?
    What about penalties ? How will they be recovered ?

  3. Re: Can Private Orgn implement RTI act internally

    Yes you are right...I myself beleive that LAw is above TRUTH...

    But if NGO volunteer to do so and need Govt's or CIC or SIC's supervision and control ...thn?

    I know its a Govt policy matter , but still .....

    And Even if one has Govt control and Laws an rules ....all of them depend of the sincereity, motivation, dedication and honesty towards the same...
    And if some NGOs have them , I think its a great least if they even after adopting such policies deny RTI abide ...thn they can be brought to court by mentioning their (NGO) constitution, wherein they have enacted to follow RTI Act....

    So this can be put to legal mode ...if the NGO enact RTI following and enact them in their constitution while getting registd in O/O Firms and Socities


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