Mumbai, October 19: It was Maharashtra’s law that served as a model for what is today the Right To Information Act. No wonder the state is now leading the way to introduce this sunshine legislation to the younger generation.

Come June 2007 and the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will become the first to include RTI in the school curriculum. Civics textbooks for class VI will include a section on RTI, its uses and benefits, while class X students will get to familiarise themselves with the practical aspects of preparing RTI applications as a part of their annual project work.

In class VI, RTI will be a part of the section on citizens’ rights and not a full-fledged chapter unlike other Acts like the Consumer Protection Act, which is a separate chapter in the class X economics textbook.

“Today, everyone has the opportunity to use RTI. To help in greater awareness, it is important to begin at a young age,” said State Board Chairman Vasant Kalpande.

“There will be no technical jargon used and we will give the students a glimpse of the fundamental nature of the Act,” Kalpande said.

Now, RTI in school textbooks