Dear Informaticians,

Desperate to share a verity about a School Central Primary Teacher who tried to exercise RTI and eventually his application became a member of garbage…..Central Friendly Enemy
Friend’s conscious discouragements or Enemies Unconscious Felony

It’s a verity, non fiction, of a lower middle class person, who fought against odds to become a Class 3 government employees, worked in Kargil , Kucch, earned tall name because of honesty and sincerity towards his services, got married , persuaded his family (two sons) and eventually botched to be stand upto the promises and duty towards is wife and sons, but because of the inconsiderate but under legal cover senior officials. As we all know “Law is always above truth (Self).
One Mr Ramraj (Name Changed) as PRT teacher in KV, who was renowned for his honesty and discipline finally got his reward. Mr Ramraj, was not only transferred to a Naxal prone area but his relieving orders were also served by his “in house” (same office) Principal startlingly by Speed post.
Well as mentioned, the virus called honesty was largely spread in the blood of Mr Ramraj, so initially he represented to the higher authorities for cancellation of his orders on some obvious reasons-
[list][*]His new born son was facing several post birth health problems [*]He was as it is posted in a place where he was living deserted with his family, in a smaller and mesmerizing district, and further posting to a naxal area away from this place would mean “in case of any emergency when he would reach to attend his family duty he would have to perform the sad ceremonies”[*]And based on consideration of his out standing records, recommendation cards by senior KV officials @ his entire life’s honesty certificate etc

But as most of the Government officials and offices practice Deafness his plea was loitered and finally rejected The compelled person holding the certificate of honesty didn’t give up and opted for RTI Act application. After preparing this RTI application it took 7 days for him till finally the application become a part of garbage ancestors.

The reason for the final defeat to file RTI application was that from day 1 to day 7, daily, when he went to file the application all his colleagues, family members and friends discouraged him of further consciousness and vindictiveness of senior official if he files RTI application to seek about the process file (with notings) wherein the decision of his transfer was taken” (he was not asking WHY but HOW as per the RTI Act)
So unable to file the RTI application and because of his own honesty virus added with bugs like such daunting colleagues and family friends he recently proceeded and joined his duties

Dear Mr Ramraj, a distinct verity now, would soon make himself comfortable and use to, as he is the one who reads and applies all the theories pertaining “Patience and Tolerance”
But I believe that Mr Ramraj’s daunting colleagues, family friends are the FRIEDNLY ENEMIES in real sense. And all around us, in our society such friendly enemies are spread and active.
Mr Ramraj, who is a Common Bhartiya some how was victim of such friendly enemies and so was the RTI act and also our entire future….As Ramraj as well as such friendly enemies are everywhere.
So I strongly opine that the moral of this verity is that the colleagues, family and friends of any such Mr Ramraj shouldn’t discourage, in fact become his strength so that eventually RTI can strengthen him , his family , society and secure our future

The Beginning…

Friends We in RTI should post such incidences with a positive note-
When we discourage Mr Ramraj….we make sure that we would be next victim
Let’s be sure ….We or anyone can be next……
So don’t just think but ACT ….after all it’s about RTI Act.
Pl support Ramraj, motivate be, stand by him ….
We should we must and we can

….The Right informed