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Thread: Search your application details on CIC website

  1. Search your application details on CIC website

    Central Information Commission allows you to seach the status of your application at their website. You can search your application by following:

    Registration No
    Name of Appellant / Complainant
    Name of CPIO/App Authority/Orgn

    It gives the status of Only Appeal(s), Only Complaint(s), or Both

    You can reach to the search section of CIC here

    Central Information Commission - Action Status

  2. Thanks, it gave me the date received/ date action taken/ registration Number
    but what was the out come was no where to be found.

    How can I find out what action was taken by CIC?


  3. You can also check the cause list if your case is listed for hearing or action.
    Central Information Commission

    Please post he output you got from the site Central Information Commission - Action Status

    I will try to find out the details for you.

  4. Registration No; CIC/WB/A/00877
    Appealant: K.S. Gahunia
    1- E/1 Jhandewalan Extension, New Delhi.

    Receive date: 29/11/06.
    The cause list seems not set to look on back date.


  5. maneesh,

    Am too slow to comprehend the computer tech.
    Anyway. I tried to open again the CIC web site.

    Finally I saw a whole lot of section where I can
    search my appeal. It was not on any decided cases in the last quarter of 2006.

    Nor is it listed for this week in cause list.

    Yet action taken date mentioned 29/11/2006 in the CIC site. Could it be possible enquiry proceedingds are still going on?

    However through enquiry with the DDA dept. The Dy. Dir. of (OSB) have been transfered to light management section and another person has been given the seat. Again when I try to make contact by phone as soon as they are made aware from which area of Delhi am speeking the line gets cut off and could not get through again. From day one it had been very obvious that palms of the dept. are being greased by the encroacher.

    My phone call to the persons envolved are not being entertain as of last week, after knowing am in the line will be cut off.

    I wish and hope some conclusion is reached and the encroacher is removed.

  6. I tried but in vain.
    Its the citizen only on both sides of government. Whether for an issue or against it!


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