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Thread: Fees Payable to whom?

  1. Fees Payable to whom?

    I want to seek a certain piece of information from the West Bengal Power Development Corporation Ltd (WBPDCL) and All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). In whose favour will the postal orders would be?

  2. Re: Fees Payable to whom?

    You can visit our Additional assistance site ...that is specific in assisting for all such FAQs....

    Once you would give some 15-30mint to this site You would become a almost expert as far as RTI act is concerned....

  3. Re: Fees Payable to whom?

    Being a layman,I expected a very precise reply so that I may implement the piece of info for immediate use without any confusion. That's why I was precise with my query. Anyway let me find out how much may I help myself.

  4. Re: Fees Payable to whom?

    thats the spirit. everyone is a layman in initial stages. being layman by chance is ok but being a layman by choice has no excuses.

  5. Re: Fees Payable to whom?

    I do not have the precise information about 'to whom' to address as of now, however, you can try following things:
    1. Google the organisation, and visit the website. In most of the cases, as has been directed via the RTI Act, the information are invariably provided about the CPIO and the mode of payment.
    2. If there are less information about the same, try finding the email IDs of the department, and email them asking about the fee procedure.
    3. If that fails, you can write directly to the CIC/SIC and ask them about the same.

    Meanwhile if some member have the detailed information or happen to find some, they can post it.

    I would suggest that you being the direct link for the organisation, find and let us all know that.


  6. Re: Fees Payable to whom?

    Upon browsing the forum I came across a thread titled "in whose favour do you draw the instrument?" initiated by member rajatnarain. An advice in this regard is posted by member mpai which is as follows

    "Send a postal order worth Rs.10/- and leave the name blank. Write in your rti application that this space has been left blank as you do not know the name in whose favour it should be drawn and request the Pio to write it himeself."

    Is this process worth implementation?

  7. Re: Fees Payable to whom?

    Did you actually made efforts on the suggestion mentioned my me?

  8. Re: Fees Payable to whom?

    sorry sir, i am working upon your valuable suggestions.

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