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Thread: Apathy to RTI BY West Bengal Govt

  1. Re: Apathy to RTI BY West Bengal Govt

    Thanks Karira.

    Two more guidances are required.

    1. I had mentioned "Apathy to By W B Govt" by mistake in introduction of a new member section. What should be the correct forum for this and how to shift it there.

    2. I have just preferred a first appeal against Land & Land Reforms dept. I want to copy/paste it in "forum". Which 'forum' I should do it ? OR, I should copy/paste in my blog ?

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    C J Karira
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    Apathy to RTI BY West Bengal Govt

    1. Once you log into the site with your user name and password, you will
    get the "Homepage".
    2. On the extreme right side set of panels, the second panel says
    "site navigation"
    3. Click on the "Forum" link available there
    4. A new page will open which gives different sections like:
    Announcements & Discussions
    RTI Act, Circulars and Decisions
    RTI Support
    RTI Community Lounge
    etc. etc. etc.
    5. Each section is further divided into sub-sections.
    6. Some of the "sub-sections" have a "lock" symbol next to them
    on the left hand side.
    Members are not allowed to post in those sub-sections.
    7. You can post in any other section/sub-section
    8. Let's say that you want help in asking for a RTI Querry
    (ask for any help regarding RTI) then the correct sub-section would
    be Ask for RTI Query
    If you want help in framing a RTI application, then the relevant sub-
    section would be Ask for Framing an RTI Question
    If you want to put up any news about a event related to RTI (like
    a training course on RTI, etc..) it would be in Events & Discussion .
    Each sub-section has a small description below it, so you can decide
    where to post.
    9. Click on the particular sub-section where you want to post, and
    a new page will appear.
    On that page you will see a list of "threads" in that subsection.
    10. If you want to start a new thread, then click on the button
    on the top left hand side.
    A new page will open with a "editor" and you can type out your
    message and hit the submit button.
    If you want to "preview" your message, then hit the "preview
    post" button and you will get a preview of your post as it will appear
    on the forum.
    Once you have made any corrections, you can again hit the "submit"
    button and your thread will immediately appear on the sub-section.
    The "editor" allows you to use various fonts, block letters, colours,
    upload images, etc......Just play around with it and you will learn
    Once your thread is posted, the rules of the forum allow you to
    "edit" your thread within the next 2 (two) minutes. During this time
    a "Edit" logo will appear below your post and if you click on it, the
    "editor" opens once again and you can edit your post.
    11. If you want to "post" a reply or something else in a existing thread,
    at the bottom of the thread a small white box appears for "quick reply"
    or you can click on "go advanced" and open a full "editor" to type
    your reply. Once again follow the steps above.(Just like you have
    already done in this thread)


    Kushal, generally looks at the new messages and decides if it needs to be shifted or split up or merged or "moderated" ,etc. If you make any mistake, just send a pm to Kushal and he will do the needful.

    For deciding on which section/subsection you can post a particular news item look at the small description given below each subsection on the "forums" page.
    In particular, for your "first appeal against Land & Land Reforms dept....", first decide why do you want to post ? The answer will indicate to you the relevnt section where you should post. For example, if it is for help in drafting the first appeal or getting suggestions from members to improve the draft you have made , then the relevant section will be

    Try to use PM and email facility only if you have something to discuss or comment which you do not want everyone to read.
    I really do not know, if in this forum, PM's and emails are "moderated" and "seen" by Kushal or other moderators. In some other "forums" they are.
    So, if there is something very very private to discuss, just get the other members email id and email him directly from your yahoo, hotmail, gmail or your own email client like outlook/eudora etc. That way it does not pass through this forum at all.

    I am sure that both of you know many of the things stated above, but since many new members might not have that much knowledge about using a forum, I have given a detailed explanation, since I was on the job anyways.

    Always remember that this is a "Public Forum" and what you post can be seen by anyone (even by guests who do not register) and remains for ever.

    Spend some time "browsing" around various sections, subsections, threads etc and you will get the hang of it. Also, explore the many buttons and links available on various pages (even the small tiny ones which many members/guests do not notice). Some of the posts/comments/replies AND dogfights/catfights are "very interesting" and if nothing else, you will have a good laugh.

    If you want to "thank" me for all this effort, click on the button which appears below this post on the bottom right hand corner (it appears on every post on this forum).

    If you want to quote someone elses post in your reply, then click on the button also appearing on the bottom of every post.
    can be used for "multi-quotes"
    If you want to "report" some post to Kushal or other moderators click on the button on the top right hand corner.
    Clicking on will add to the posters "reputation".

  3. Re: Apathy to RTI BY West Bengal Govt


    How much trouble you have taken to help me to understand the navigation within the site. MANY THANKS.

    I shall always use this public forum to have better sharing and best guidelines.

  4. Re: Apathy to RTI BY West Bengal Govt

    Thank for your encouraging effort to help the members like us. I would like to use the public forum in future. With regards--- Abhijeet

  5. Re: Apathy to RTI BY West Bengal Govt

    I have copied this thread for the ready reference at the Suggestion & Feedback forum.

    Some points though:
    1. Even if you find lock icons, it may be that you can post a reply to a thread, but just cannot start new one.
    2. That I do not nor the moderators have the permission to view the contents of the email or the PM.
    3. To better understand the site map visit this page:

    And there is no better way to explain then did by Karira. Thanks for the contribution.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Apathy to RTI BY West Bengal Govt

    Dear Debashis Basu,
    I don't think anyone, even West Bengal can be as bad as Kerala. If you won't mind kindly give the particulars of infrastructure created for the SIC in West Bengal. In Kerala, we have 4 ICs including its chief, an Army of staff including all categories including legal advisors, a web site, a centrally air-conditioned building and other infrasturctures which can make even a multinational company jeleous. I had posted their output, type of their careless judgements etc. The pity is that the RTI has become a laughing stock and the PIOs and AAs do not abide by the ordersof SIC. Of cource I too have represented to the Governor taking the cue rom WB and waiting for his reaction.

  7. Re: Apathy to RTI BY West Bengal Govt

    As this forum thread is only 'New Member Introduction', I am closing this thread. Kindly use appropriate forum for the rest.

    Thank You!

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