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Thread: Action through RTI application

  1. Re: Action through RTI application

    Quote Originally Posted by neeraj Chauhan View Post
    Recently i submitted two applications in my office (Govt. of India enterprise) for some kind of allowance admissible to me under rules.
    1. Nick, please check out if your Office has observed Section 4 of the RTI Act. If not check out if the head of your department / ministry has come out with Section 4 on their respective website. From the manual, as highlighted in the Section 4 disclosure by your department, try to find out within how much time, should any representations/grievances like that of your, be disposed off. In most cases they have to be settled within 3 to 5 days.

    Get these dates first.

    2. Next find out what are the penal clauses of dealing assistants who handle such cases and what action can be taken against them for dereliction of duty.

    Cross check this with rules in other departments.

    3. Prepare an third and final representations and make sure to quote the secretary's comments in this third representation. Go with the representation to the Secretary himself and also politely bring the information you have gathered from the exercises in (1) & (2) above. The secretary may not be knowing about this and you should be doing a favour in apprising him of the facts. Also explain that you are doing this, to ensure that the secretary himself can avoid getting into trouble for the lazy attitude of his subordinates.

    4. Please post subsequent your experiences here.


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    Thats why I always say ...Like Law is above Truth...similarly...Mr Manoj is above most of us ..when it comes to such advises...

    Its a pleasure that Books like Mr Manoj are here in

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    My knowledge to this law is limited. I cannot possibly match the knowledge and skill of Kaushal or Maheesh, nor do I have the experience of Col Kurup.


  4. Re: Action through RTI application

    I was just assuming that if your limitation is so knowledgeable , thn what would your extension be like...

    As far as Kushal Sir and Maheesh are concerned....They are the pillars...

    And Off course Col Kurup....His experience has enough expertize too...

    And Not to forget Ganpat, Karira , Basu and Narayan Verma

    Hope I am able to learn something from all of you...

    OOPS ! I have toh started giving thanks giving speech alike Filmfare Life time achievement awardee

    ...The Right Learner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abhinav Bohare View Post
    ...The Right Learner
    After all, you are like your signature states "The Right Learner"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Abhinav Bohare View Post
    Yes ...Reply is must ...Even wen any application, RTI or Non-RTI, Internal or external, given by any employee or Non-employee, the Organization is suppose to reply...And In case the application (Non-RTI) is filed...The concerned organization maintains a FILE NOTE before filing the application...Though in some cases there is defined time period for maintaining such filed noting etc
    Abhinav, though out of context, I would like to request a piece of information from you (not through implementation of RTI Act of course ).
    Now jokes apart. Upon sending a non-RTI application to WBPDCL (...: West Bengal Power Development Corporation :...) requesting clarification about their recruitment policy, I feared to be erroneous, I never received any response. Now as you mentioned reply to be must, is it out of organizational etiquette or any specific labour law is prevalent in this case?

  7. Re: Action through RTI application

    It is ethical , organizational etiquette and even under specific rules governing various departments, depending on their charter and public dealings.

    I hope when ever you submit any application or memo to any dept you do it by Regd AD, or Proper Receipts etc.

    And such applications or memo , need to have specific notings, by the office , where you have submitted to addresses the same.

    In case of WBPDCL its not different...

    If you have asked them for clarification , and if they are not giving you any information in return, you can always tell them of opting for RTI or other legal procedures .

    Because its RTI Act and non other that gives you the right to see information.

    In non RTI Application format , it is not mandatory to disclose information , but it is more volunteerly, though Transperancy was always a must law for all departments as per our constitution.

    It is this reason RTI ACT came in to being

  8. Re: Action through RTI application

    Its a pleasure that Books like Mr Manoj are here in So I am still expecting some good suggestions from his end, but when it will come ? I sent it to the " framing of query " section. Please go through it and let me have proper suggestions- Abhijeet
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