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Thread: Action through RTI application

  1. Action through RTI application

    HI there,
    Recently i submitted two applications in my office (Govt. of India enterprise) for some kind of allowance admissible to me under rules. Unofficialy i have come to know that my request has been rejected on some real superfluous and illegitimate grounds But when i asked Secretary about my case he said you represent one more time we will see to it . But at the same time management refuses to give me anything in writing on record about the outcome of application. My Question is can i give an RTI application requesting department to expedite the case and give me the deadline by which case would be decided whatever outcome and in case something is being already decided by them then copy of the recorded reasons on Noting sheets and other references.


  2. Re: Action through RTI application

    Wherever transparency is not adhered to in the matter of service conditions, such situations arise. You can definitely give an RTI application asking for details of allowances admissible to your post under the existing regulations and also on the fate of your earlier representations. But, since you have already been advised by your secretary to make one more representation, I suggest you first do the same by way of a follow-up on your earlier applications. If it does not work out, then you can always take recourse to the RTI route.

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    Re: Action through RTI application

    This is called "management by delay". Currently the issue of use of RTI by government servants is one of the hot topics inside CIC. If you submit a fresh application that will allow the CIC to gain some time in your case as your case has alredy been heard and it is incumbant on them to issue an order which I believe, they may be wanting to delay till the main issue is sorted out. If I am in your position I will not make a fresh case as it is not likely to be taken up for hearing in the near future.

  4. Re: Action through RTI application

    I Agree with Ganpat , better to opt for the official procedures in hand and even thn if things go out of hand ...through RTI u can take a strong stand

  5. Re: Action through RTI application

    HI Everybody,
    Thanx Ganpat , Col.. and Abhinav for sparing your time to answer my query . I agree with u guys that first i must exhaust all possible official channels or in other words i must go by whims and fancies of Seniors concerned who come in hierarchy of admiinstration. Well i just drafted one RTI application now wat i gonna do just represent one more time to Secretary as suggested by Ganpati.
    Thanx a lot

  6. Re: Action through RTI application

    Yes, you can ask about the action taken on yor RTI application by filing another application. However, as stipulated after 30 days of the un-satisfactory reply you can go to 1st Appeal or on non-reply lodge an complaint, have you thought about this?

  7. Re: Action through RTI application

    HI Kaushal
    Well i know about appeals but thing is does a govt. officer or office is under some kind of mandatory obligation ( I mean legally ) to respond to any request of an employee of organisation. Or they can act the way it suits them . Because under RTI act they are bound to respond and in case they dont , officer is liable for penalty . I guess Govt. incumbents have a right to ensure to get all kind of perks and benefits but when it comes to delivery of duty and handling responsibility there are no takers.

  8. Re: Action through RTI application

    Yes ...Reply is must ...Even wen any application, RTI or Non-RTI, Internal or external, given by any employee or Non-employee, the Organization is suppose to reply...And In case the application (Non-RTI) is filed...The concerned organization maintains a FILE NOTE before filing the application...Though in some cases there is defined time period for maintaining such filed noting etc

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