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Thread: RTI for genuine software, how?

  1. RTI for genuine software, how?

    In India, the private IT Training Institutes seldom buy and use legal version of softwares. They don't shift to implementation of freewares either. Since they doesn't come under the purview of RTI Act, where else may I seek information so that the details about the originality of the softwares they are using may be extracted.

  2. Re: RTI for genuine software, how?

    You may get some information from CMC where our Govt has 49% investment and rest of the ownersdhip with the house of TATA. Why should private IT Institutes will part with information with you when they are not covered by RTI Act 2005 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debashis Basu View Post
    You may get some information from CMC where our Govt has 49% investment and rest of the ownersdhip with the house of TATA. Why should private IT Institutes will part with information with you when they are not covered by RTI Act 2005 ?
    Most of the private companies have been given subsidies and tax holidays. As such, they are "substantially funded" by the Government. Surely you can file an RTI Application with them or with their respective regulator.

    Alternatively, you can file an RTI Applications with the Customs & Excise Deptt. to seek info on the number of official softwares imported in a given year. There is no commercial secrets here.

    You can also ask the several State Governments Educational Deptts. on grounds for issuing orders / circulars to educational institutes to purchase commercial and licensed softwares of a certain company and also the specifications for computers & printers to be purchased.

    Lage Raho


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    Your comments please on mpai suggestion about RTI on private educational institutes.

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    Perhaps directly I don't see any way...Indirectly yes we can question all the affiliations and Controlling authorities .....

    So directly you may not trap Private bodies through RTI , but indirectly as mpai said you can always get informations that would strengthen you case and cause.

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    Yes, its clear to all in this forum that no direct way exists. However let me know who may be the
    affiliations and Controlling authorities keeping record of the softwares being sold to the private players. There must be some govt. office through which softwares reach the ultimate users. It can't be as such that the private companies are manufacturing them and handing over to other private users, any govt body not having any knowledge about the purchaser and quanta of sale.

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    Central Ministry of Commerce and Industry has some control over the Software development and licensing in India , in a more wider way. Their ESC council deals with some of the exports related to softwares.

    Some more comprehensive knowledge is also with the Cyber Crime Dept(Local Police) and with the Patent Authorities or office. The Records of the software can be found with the later and the Control in case of mis usage can be validated or reported to the Cyber crime authorities.

    Imp point is , Even Ministry of Home keeps records of such Softwares , but that is largely for Security purpose or reported otherwise

    The Local Sales Tax department also has records of the same in reference to the companies annual tax paying record in ref to its products purchases etc.

    Even in some cases the Income Tax departments keep a eye on such sale and purchases. But angle is all to gather different.

    The verity is that there is no SINGLE and NODAL body that controls all the aspects of Software sale to the private user.

    Presently e-world has developed so much that , anyone can buy any software online, may it be individual or any company, by just a simple click and software download.

    So may be in future you may find a direct way
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    Re: RTI for genuine software, how?


    I do not think there is a way for you to tackle this problem of "piracy" or illegal use of pirated software by private IT education and training institutes. The neighbourhood Internet Cafe or the Coaching Class do not come under the RTI Act 2005. Even the might of NASSCOM, Microsoft, Adobe and a host of others have not been able to control the best they have been able to conduct a few raids just to highlight the problem in the media. The same is true of piracy of Films & Music.
    It has to be stopped at the source, by stopping the large scale duplication "factories" that exist all over India. The same problem exists in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In Kuala Lampur just walk into Imbi Plaza or in Bangkok just walk into the Chatachuck weekend market and you will be amazed. In KL, I even found pirated versions of a CD's "Pancharatna Tales" and "Baba Ramdev's Yoga" ! (Oops ! I hope I am not increasing piracy by giving such info).
    Some packaged software companies tried "software locks" but youngsters have cracked the lock codes in days, if not hours. A recent case is of the famous Apple iPhone. Steve Jobs claimed at the launch that it was "crack" and "hacker" proof. A 17 year old from Norway posted the "crack" on the net within a month, with full diagrams and explanation as to how to do it.
    Microsoft tried several new "tricks" with Vista but as I have seen, several students are already having Vista on their machines.

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    Re: RTI for genuine software, how?

    Hello linardni,

    It's the BSA (Business Software Alliance) not NASSCOM that is spearheading the
    Global Anti Piracy campaign includng India. BSA is a global alliance of all
    major commercial software vendors. They have a very well maintained web site
    where you can lodge your complain on any organisation involved in piracy.

    BSA's web site can be accessed through the following link.
    BSA - India Home Page

    I am just curious to know the rationale behind you are after the
    "private IT Training Institutes". Do you have any particular reasons for targeting them?

    And Why not Corporate houses and the Govt. agencies?
    Piracy is more rampant there.
    RTI can be applied with devastating effects with the Govt. Sector.

  10. Re: RTI for genuine software, how?

    This has more to do with awareness, self appraisal and modesty.

    If there are good there are bad , but problem is when the good is misused by bad in a worst way.

    That is what is piracy , hacking etc

    I have seen many taking pride in hacking.

    Many of us , ourself, use pirated CD, MP3 , DVD, VCD etc coz we get it cheaper and faster

    Moserbear movie VCD DVD is one such company that is trying to deal with cheap rated pirated versions

    We all have to be aware and modest ,

    We must say no to PIRACY

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