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Thread: RBI refused information.

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    RBI refused information.

    RBI has refused to consider my RTI Application saying that it's not a valid mode of payment
    under th RTI Act. What shall I do now? Shall I complain to CIC or oblige the RBI with IPO/DD.

    Where is the latest copy of Right to Information (Regulation of Fees & Cost) Rules, 2005 is available?

    I am posting the scanned copy of the RBI's letter for members to view and comment and give valuable advise.


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  2. Re: deposit of fees

    Dear Sidmis,
    You have not specified your mode of remittance of RTI application fees. If you had remitted the same through a designated post office, then it is a valid mode of payment. For further details, please refer to the latest decision on this matter which is available in the post number 2 of the thread Bank of Baroda refuses Postal Order.

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    Re: deposit of fees

    Hello Ganpat1956,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I paid through the designated post office and by Cash through UCR.
    What shall I do now? I am thinking of shooting off a Complain to CIC.
    Where shall I get a copy of RTI (Regulation of Fees & Cost) Rules, 2005 ? Is there any downloadable version available anywhere?
    I have seen that order and feel that I have a good case in my hand.


  4. Re: deposit of fees

    Just shoot a letter to the PIO of RBI stating that they are not in order in refusing information because you had remitted the money through a valid mode of payment. Also remember to quote them this decision of CIC so that they also update their knowledge. Demand your information within 30 days of their receipt of your original RTI application.

    Only if you do not get a proper response, then you make a complaint to the CIC. No point in making a complaint to CIC right now which will only lengthen the process.

  5. Re: deposit of fees

    Colonel Sahib,
    There is a mix up in this thread. Sidmis sought a clarification for his query under this thread, instead of creating a new one. I too replied for the same here itself. Please rest assured that there is no disagreement whatsoever with the views of Shri Manoj Pai to the original query of Shri Satish Rao.

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    Re: deposit of fees

    Sidmis sought a clarification for his query under this thread,
    instead of creating a new one.
    I Hope I am not making any inconviniences.
    I also request the Admin to put this thread in an appropriate place.

  7. Re: RBI refused information.

    See sometimes it may be lack of knowledge with the staff dealing with the RTI ...It has been found in many cases....We should give considerations too...

    So as Ganpat is saying ...He is absolutely correct...write to the PIO 1st you need information and not another process wherein the things would be prolonged....

    Please write to the PIO and in case the things are not sorted out sort the CIC

  8. Re: RBI refused information.

    More than the point raised by you can you share the question you had asked from RBI?

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