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Thread: Framing RTI query

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    Dear Sir,
    After a long and troublrsome persuation I could inspect only one file. The file was not arranged properly, no page marking, no proper file noting etc were seen. Some papers/ documents were put haphazardly, without maintaining the chronological order . Most striking feature was that the sought for records were not there--- as it seems that some body had nicely destroyed/misplaced those documents. Probably it was done with a view to avoid embarassment, as during hearing of appeal we produced some documents which were submitted to that department, with proper seal and date mentioning in the receipt.

    SIC is very sympathetic to them . I simply do not know what is to be done. 2nd appeal is to be submitted , but in vain?

    There is a famous piece of poetry , written by our 'Guru Deb' Rabindra Nath Tagore where KARNA of MAHABHARAT replied to his mother, KUNTI that ' You should not request me to leave the group which is destined to be defeated'

    Let Pandavs be winner, let them be the king- I don't want to be one.

    Only thing which I want from you that you please bless me so that I should not leave the path of fighting for the JUSTICE.

    We shall overcome someday ?---- Abhijeet

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    Satya Mev Jayte

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    Re: Framing RTI query

    May I repeat my method ? When the going become tough, the tough get going ! Please donot let such minor skirmishers distort you from your AIM Weaklings have no place in present world.

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    It is a long and strenuous battle. While being on the front line in this battle, you will learn a lot, a real tactical lot about fights, skirmishes, battles and wars. You will also learn the strategy of when to retreat for safety and when to advance with full fire power. You will also learn the art of not mixing up different issues when pursuing a single cause at one point of time. Ultimately when the dust gets settled, I am sure you will emerge as a fully matured individual. It is a rare and rich experience that only those in the front line of a thick battle acquire.

    You once asked me how I am able to offer suggestions everyday. Well, I had been in the thick of quite a few battles, with only a single mentor to offer me advices on such fights and the precautions for not falling into traps. And I had all the patience in the world to live through all such turbulances and kept my hopes high all the time and waited for the right opportunity. Here you have the advantage of a good lot of well-meaning friends to offer you timely advices and very sound ideas. So, never ever despair nor give up. Our hearts are always with you.
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    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    It is a long and strenuous battle.

    Dear Ganpat,
    Day before yesterday one of our Siciety members had received one reply w.r.t his application regarding his complaint against one Govt. officer submitted to the concerned Department more than a year ago. The allegations submitted with sufficient documents were foewarded to the Boss of that corrupt officer for providing his considered opinion , after inquiry.
    The chief of that Dept informed that the 'no record was available in the Dept. So he could not furnish the information. However the Dept will ask for copies of those records from the Main Office etc.
    I would like to mention it here the referred corrupt officer conducted election in our Hsg. Society violating High Court's specific Orders and exonerated the corrupt Ex Managing Committee Members of this Hsg. Society from all financial irregularities with the help of a concocted clarification speciallt prepared by a Audit Firm ( it had got no legal validity ). Above all the corrupt Officer became the Head of that Dept for a month or two . So, there was every possibility for him to destroy any/all documents , which are against his activities.
    Govt. Dept is clearly supported the corrupt practice of that officer. We are preparing for the next steps. What will be the proper action that should be followed. I am preparing a list of number of reply which mentioned ' No record is available in the Dept....Abhijeet
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    Dear Sir,
    I also did inspect the concerned file after a lengthy process and much persuation.But the records in that file were kept disorderly, no proper file noting was available . When asked for some documents in the related matter, they informed that those were shifted for some other 'important' jobs, and suggested to inspect for half an hour afterwards. Then I had submitted one application so that the file could be arranged properly before further inspection. But even after 3 months no date was informed by them for inspection.This is the way how the Govt. officer is dealing with the applicants of RTI Acts. I personally went to the SPIO for fixing one date for inspection, but no response received after 15 days. I real;ly don't know how to tackle this situation, when this SPIO does not bother the instruction of SIC as the SIC also is reluctant to impose any penalty or any suitable action. SIC simply aske them for their 'comments/views' at the earliest or within 15 days. But result is that even after 2nd appeal to the SIC on 8th, 10th & and 15th September,07, no information/ comments/ views has been received from any body.Only SIC asked for the clarification. This is the situation in West Bengal and the concerned Department is Co operation Directorate/ Kolkata Municipal Corporation etc. What should be the next step? In two cases, reminders have also been sent to the SIC, but in vain.--- Abhijeet
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    Dear Abhijit,
    It has been seen earlier also that the working of the West Bangal Information Commission is not proper. In such circumstances, you can file a Writ under Article 227. This is the easiest and most appropriate remedy. Otherwise, you can write to the Governor about the affairs of the Commission, who may make a reference to the Supreme Court for initiating an inquiry into the affairs of the Commission.

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    Writ Petition in a High Court comes under Article 226 and for Supreme Court it is Art.32
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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