Pune, January 6: WANT to know about the Right to Information (RTI) Act? All you have to do is to tune in to the programme Tila Tila Daar Ughad (Open Sesame), to be broadcastby All India Radio (AIR), Pune at 7.16 am on Saturdays. AIR and Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA) have tied up to produce a 52-episode programme, which will be broadcast to all districts in the State for a period of one year. Probably the first of its kind in the country, the first episode will be aired this Saturday.

The programme deals with various aspects of RTI in each episode. Divided into four parts, each episode will have sections titled Paul Khuna — background, Aamne Saamne — face to face, Magowa — follow-up and Prashna Mantale — questions and answers.

The Paul Khuna section will deal with the background of the RTI Act and include the history of similar legislation and practices during the Greek civilisation and Sweden in the 7th century. In the Aamne Saamne part, interviews of common people and their reactions to the RTI Act and functioning of government offices will be broadcast. Interviews of RTI experts and information activists as well as people involved in the formulation of the Act will also find a place in this section.

In the Magowa section of the programme, instances of common people using the Act to retrieve information will be shared with the listeners as well as action taken against government officers who were not able to give the requisite information sought through the RTI Act.

The episodes will conclude with a question-answer section, where listeners can send their queries regarding the act to Tila Tila Daar Ughad, station director, All India Radio, Pune.

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