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Thread: police verfication - reissue of passport

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    police verfication - reissue of passport


    Dear Anupama Pachisia,


    The Service Request having reference ID 1530333818, has been resolved successfully.

    Please note that the description provided by you is:

    i was born in Nohar - Rajasthan dist - Hanumangarh. at our home , just after 1 year of my birth our whole family shifted to Siliguri-wb and we never again went to my birth place. now i am married and stay with my husband at Kolkata - wb. earlier i was granted my passport without any verification at nohar and this is a re-issue case in above case how do i verify at nohar where i dont know any one .i dont even have any documents of my birth.ONLY i have my school certificates with date of birth(from siliguri - wb) can you please advise

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    MANOJ B. PATEL (Krushnanand)
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    Re: police verfication - reissue of passport

    Dear member, kindly refer to following link to know about services available at 'Passport Seva'.

    Passport Seva Services | Passport Seva Questions | Passport Doubts

    Passport Seva Home | Indian Passport | Passport | Passport Seva Project
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    Re: police verfication - reissue of passport

    all the above links suggest police verification

    but my question is how can i verify my birth, when i dont have any connection at the place i was born.
    secondly then how was i granted my first passport without any such verification before marriage.
    thirdly after my marriage i applied for name & address change giving my marriage certificate then also there were no such verification and fresh passport with all changes was granted.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: police verfication - reissue of passport

    Thread moved to Non RTI issues section of the portal.
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    Re: police verfication - reissue of passport

    This forum is dedicated for guiding citizen's for seeking information from Public Authorities under RTI Act and can not itself provide information for all miscellaneous queries/doubts.
    You can file RTI Application seeking entire information what ever you want as to how your passport in the past was issued without verification, procedure being followed now etc., from CPIO, Passport Officer, that issued your passport, by providing your address, present passport No. and with Indian Postal order for Rs.10/- fvg.Accounts Officer, PPO payable at the place of PPO. Wait for their response for 40 days, if it is not satisfactory go for first appeal to FAA of same authority, wait for answer for 90 days even if you are not satisfied with that information file second appeal to Central Information and Commission wait for their decision for another 18 months.
    This is RTI way.
    If you want easier way, contact any passport agent and get your doubts clarified or
    visit PPO personally and contact customer related officer for more guidance.
    The fundamental issue before you now is your present address verification alone, and as you are living with your husband, the police verification is not a problem, particularly for renewal and all your doubts are just assumptions without any ground.

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    Re: police verfication - reissue of passport

    You may call up their call centre on 1800-258-1800

    Passport Call Centre - Helpdesk - FAQ
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