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Thread: How to tackle the collective evasive act of PIO in West Bengal

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    Re: How to tackle the collective evasive act of PIO in West Bengal

    Dear Debasish Basu,

    I have recently sought information from the Land Dept. of Govt. of West Bengal. Since u are also dealing with land as per your postings, I will like to get in touch with u on phone.
    Please contact me at my Mobile No. XXXXXXXXXX, or inform me your contact number.


    Ranajoy Sinha

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  2. Re: How to tackle the collective evasive act of PIO in West Bengal

    Quote Originally Posted by sunaabhsarkar View Post
    Thanks Kushal,

    I wish my fellow Bongs realise that the"Cholbe Na...' if not reigned will sooner or later make Bengal "Achal"...

    Agree with you.. Cholbe na, Cholbe na...

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    tapan chakrabarty
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    Dear friends
    in my honest opinion
    we should first organise ourselves. Meeting is essential. Prepare srategy.
    Corrupt persons are organised and have unlimited money.
    But they are weak if we unite.

    Thanking you

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    Re: How to tackle the collective evasive act of PIO in West Bengal

    The main culprit is West Bengal Information Commission.The Commission is run by the people who were the Government servants and are still enjoying all the benefits in their present capacity. Their motive is to turn the West Bengal in a little China with all the information shrouded in mystery.The Appeals are not heard here for the ages. Appeals are not given any official numbers and if you can otherwise approach them,you will be heard or wait till the cause of action ceases. Yes,we can meet and create a pressure group. My father is a police officer in Kolkata.He gives a horrendous accounts as to how the just voices are silenced. He has been transferred for using the RTI Act. His promotion has been kept in abeyance for resorting to the RTI Act2005. He has been threatened by his officers and asked not to indulge in RTI activities.WBIC has been informed of the illegalities. But perhaps they have been gained over. My appeals of 2008 are lying pending and the Appeals filed later on have been taken up for hearing.WBIC only heras the Appeals against Education directorate,relief and rehabilitation and other insignificant departments who do not have potentiality to cause any harm to the WBIC. Police,Home Department,Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department's cases are never taken by it for hearing.WBIC is causing the slow death of this potent law under the political compulsions. After all the political ideology of the Government is Chinese in origin then why the people should be allowed to know what is going on behind the curtain? The RTI Activists should be united in West Bengal. Delhi High Court has already ruled that the CIC is not a court. It has only the power of a civil court in respect of section 19 for summoning any witness and not more than that. Then where is the harm if the applicants who are now consumers sue the Chief Information Commissioner and the WBIC through its registrar for deficiency in services claiming compensation before the Consumer forum? My fellow Bengalis are requested to ponder over the matter. To save the law is not the duty of only Government servants but also of each and every individual. Come and join hands together. The RTI manch is not working honestly in the interest of the citizens in Kolkata. Let`s then unite for the welfare of the State.

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    Re: How to tackle the collective evasive act of PIO in West Bengal

    One more thing I forgot to add. JP Shah is doing wonderful job in the filed of RTI Act. On his advice keeping in line with the decision of NCDRC New Delhi (Dr.S.P.Thirumala Rao Vs Municipal Corporation Mysore) I served notices under COPRA 1986 to Home Department and Public Service Commission claiming compensation and damages. The result was amazing.They are now running from pillar to post to ensure the withdrawal of the Notice. My complaint is ready and I will file after 6th August 2010 before the West Bengal State Consumer Forum after the period of notice is over. Kolkata Police SPIO who is an IPS officer has not been signing the reply himself and getting it signed by an officer whose signature is illegible.I believe that beasts should be treated like beasts. There should be no mercy with any one . People come on the musical chairs and people go.It is only the public which has got the absolute power. Their moral needs to be raised high. Let`s try since this is also investment to wards the development of our country.

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