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Thread: United India Insurance Co And RTI

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    United India Insurance Co And RTI

    I am putting up a case,which is yet to reach fruitful conclusions but should have ramifications for all vehicle owners.
    A scooter was lost on 06 mar 2006,stolen from owner's premises,and it took more than 18 months to get the claim money,that too with repeated direct intervention of the corporate GM.During this intervening period,a number of demands for compliance by the owner were raised ,namely:-
    =letter to RTO
    -letter to police for FIR
    =lrtter to Insurance company with a copy of FIR
    =letter to national crime records bureau

    On comletion of above:-
    =Get a copy of Final Report from police station for His Highness the surveyer,appointed and paid by the insurance company,and any other witnesses,documents he may require,cooperate with him.
    =hand over orginal insurance polcy,both set of keys,maintenance records,pollution records to the insurance company.
    =Get Final Report accepted and released by the Chief Judicial Magistrate,for which one has to hire an advocate and run around in civil courts.
    =Get a notorised Letter of Subrogation on Rs100/-non judicial stamp paper and pay all sundry expenses beside running around in the court.
    After above,once again:-
    =letter to NCRB for updated report.
    =letter to RTO,Police,NCRB(once again)informing settlement of claim(claim is miles away from settlement)
    =Transfer of Registration(RC)of vehicle to the insurance company.(of corse all expenses to be met by the owner)
    The owner refused to run around for transfer of RC,instead couriered Motor Vehicle Act transfer forms 29 and 30 and original RC to the company and a letter and another set of forms29 and 30 to RTO.
    The insurance company refused to pay the legitimate cheque till RC was transferred in the name of company.
    Having had enough of arrogance and intended delaying tactics of the United Insurance co,an RTI appliction was handed over to the Div Officer (acknowledgement with his signs obtained)RTI was filed on30 Apr2007,asking for"govt regulations/rules/contractual clauses duly agreed upon by me/IRDA approved actions to be taken by the owners of the vehicle in case of a theft" Expectedly no official reply to RTI application,except dated 03may stating it has been sent to CPIO.
    Like I said,money has been finally extracted from the co under pressure from the highest in the co.The sufferer in this case was an 83 YEARS OLD RETD. LTCOL.
    I seek your advice friends,paticularly Dr Pathak.In this case,the question is not only money involved but more importantly of ethics.
    Should the owner put up application to CIC next,or start case afresh from PIO/CPIO,though I can assure you nothing will happen at PIO/CPIO company level because these people have nothing approved with them and have lived with CHALTA HAI attitude to generate chai pani.

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    Re: United India Insurance Co And RTI

    Dear Friend,

    You are not responsible for transfering the vehicle. You are only supposed to sign on the documents of transfer deed. I am searching the documents which shall strengthen your case. You keep in touch on my mail ...................................
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    Re: United India Insurance Co And RTI


    RTI Application filed on 30 April 2007 and sent to CPIO on 03 May 2007 (hope the year is not a typo). Over a year has passed and still no reply from CPIO.
    Now, you can only file a complaint under Sec 18 to CIC because time limit for First appeal under Sec 19(1) is already over - 30 or 45 days after receiving reply from PIO or from date reply was to be received.

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    Re: United India Insurance Co And RTI

    just wondering who dug up this post and brought it out yesterday after almost nine months of hibernation,having virtually slept on it. This was my first post and request at RTI ,when RTIIndia was at nascent stage,unfortunately there was no response or assistance/guidance.That indeed was sad , because assistance/advice was requested on RTI in no uncertain terms .
    Money recovery was not the problem, that was sent home on corporate GM's intervention from Chennai.
    Thanks, that chapter closed long time back and no furthur discussions are required on this post.
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