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Thread: Land Records

  1. Thats a great effort brajesh.

  2. Hi Brijesh,

    Well my friend's dad is very old and sick and has forefitted any inheritance in legal writing.As of copies of communication, etc that you mentioned, yes my friend has them all. Who is a DM?

    My friend has already initiated the proceedings to transfer the name on the one fourth documents that he got, but the current stand is- they are not creating those transfer of land records. Application through courts will take decades because the local lawyer himself said there are lakhs of cases pending. My friend is going to invoke RTI by next week, he has got the letter prepared under a lawyer itself.

    Seriously things under officials who can never be fired for their lack of duty is the biggest enemy.

    Thanks, Brijesh and Maneesh.

  3. DM = District Magistrate (He is incharge of all the land record). But as far as i understand the land recrord syste, the Block level officer will be having all the recrods.

  4. I believe D.M being incharge of District can order his subordinates to produce land and revenue records for his perusal. You don't need a lawyer to prepare RTI application. As I gathered on the basis of information provided by you, you have good case to get your land transferred. In your case RTI can help you only in getting status of Land Records but for getting land transferred you have to initiate proceedings before forum of your chocie as per law.
    Have a faith in system.

  5. Question

    Hi Brijesh,
    Thanks for your reply. I understand the DM is needed to be contacted, now the task is to find out who is the DM there. Anyhow you had written, quote- "
    but for getting land transferred you have to initiate
    proceedings before forum of your chocie as per law."

    I am not sure i understood that part. Do you know the proceedure to transfer the land?

    Thanks once again,

  6. Hello Dhara,
    Its not difficult to find D.M as there is only one D.M in a District, also known as District Collector in some states.
    Since I am not aware of Local laws and practices of your state I can't tell you exact procedure, its better to ask some local lawyer there, but I can certainly help you in deciding which procedure/forum to be approcahed.


  7. Hello Bombaygirl,

    District Magistrate/ Collector is same and in your case you had already mentioned that you had approached collector Mr. Deshmukh.

    If you are unsure about how to transfer land, I would recommend you ask under RTI from CPIO of Collect orate about 'what is the procedure of transfer of land', and I am sure you will get to know all about it.

    All the organizations had already been directed to provide proactive disclosure of documents/procedure/laws e.t.c

  8. Thanks Brijesh & Kushal,

    Ok, so i understand we need to ask questions through RTI but addressed to the collector's office. Gosh! Mr. Deshmukh is really not an approachable guy, in fact hes a terrible person to deal or communicate with him.

    Let's see what my friend can do...


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