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Thread: Land Records

  1. Your Collector is Public Servant, he has to tolerable he can't afford to be terrible.
    Tell your friend to go ahead.

  2. The RTI has been created to tackle the hard nuts too, and nobody can afford to take it lightly other than out of ignorance.

  3. Well said Mr Kushal. Such small fundamentals need to be drilled in our mind time and again to make us move in the right direction

  4. hello Dhara,
    laws related to lands are a bit complicated, if you can tell in detail, maybe we can help you, but first i would like to tell you that, the the tranfer of names in revenue record comes under the tesildar, so if you approach the collector, he is going to direct you again to tehsildar,thats the procedure.
    but basically
    1. do you know the survey no of the lands
    2. whose has the physical possesion of the lands
    3. do u have all the mutation enteries
    4. do u have the present 7/12 extract
    5. on whose name is the present 7/12
    pls try to be more specific and feel free to contact.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bombaygirl View Post
    Thanks Brijesh & Kushal,

    Ok, so i understand we need to ask questions through RTI but addressed to the collector's office. Gosh! Mr. Deshmukh is really not an approachable guy, in fact hes a terrible person to deal or communicate with him.

    Brijesh, Kaushal and many of our friends have given you valuable advise on the subject. From your current post, it appears that either your friend or you are not comfortable in approaching the Collector's Office where Mr. Deshmukh serves. Is there any other Govt. office, Deptt. or an RBI Office, where you know the staff members very well and are close enough?

    All you have to do is file at RTI Application with the PIO of that office, where you know the people. State in the Application that you need the information from the Office of Mr. Deshmukh, the District Collector / Magistrate. Make sure in your application that you need information pertaining to the land records of Taluka (Shirur) and the village (Kauthe) in Pune jurisdiction. If there is any difficulty, the PIO of that office, is required as per the RTI Act, help you in drafting the application.

    The PIO will then transfer your application to the DC/DM. This way the task of approaching Mr. Deshmukh will be eliminated.

    Wish you every success.

  6. land records

    hello dhara,
    Basically the land revenue records are of public nature so any one can apply to the local talathi and get them, there is no need to meet collector for this.
    in maharastra if you want land records of 50 years u have to apply them in seperate to the tehsildar, but for this u have to know the survey no of the land.
    if u have the survey no of the land, u can get the 7/12 extract, on 7/12 extract u will find all the mutation enteries.
    from the 7/12 u will get all the nos of mutation enteries.
    when u have the nos of mutation enteries u can apply stating the nos and the whole history of the said land will be before u.
    hope u will fins this of some value, pls feel free to contact, maybe i can help u, if u tell all the details........

  7. A good info about the land record system. At many state government is computerising the land record wherein you can get the details by paying a nominal fee at any of the facilitation counters.

  8. Mpai

    Thanks for that real important way around. But i spoke to my friend and he has already send registered letters to the concerned authourity and is now waiting for a month for the reply, failing which he will approach the higher authority.

    Thanks for the way out, but i'm totally surprised with the attitude of Maharashtrian government, instead of helping potential farmers, they are actually killing them.

    Keep you guys posted about the development.

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