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Thread: Land Records

  1. Hello Dhara,
    Under RTI an application has to be transfered to the concerned office where the actual information is available in case it is not available with the concerned PIO. And he need to inform the address of the concerned PIO as well.
    Please post the question which you asked and the reply you got.

    Regarding the appellate authority CIC has issued instruction that the PIO has to include the appelate authority name and address in the reply. If PIO has not included it can be taken as incomplete reply

    These two can be additional ground to take up in appeal. I will find the circular and enclose later.

  2. That is true, here is the Section 7 (8)

    Where a request has been rejected under sub-section (1), the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, shall communicate to the person making the request,—

    i) the reasons for such rejection;

    ii) the period within which an appeal against such rejection may be preferred; and

    iii) the particulars of the appellate authority.

    This thread can also referred for more information:


  3. Land records

    Thanks Maneesh and Kushal,

    The reason of rejection given was only that they asked for city survey number. Now you guys tell me how can one get this number without the papers that we asked for in the first place? There's no record of these numbers separately and the only way is to get the numbers directly from those land records for which my friend had sent the RTI. My friend had also mentioned about viewing the records for which they did not even bother to reply.

    Is this not reason enough to send my friend an indirect 'No- Get Lost'? And that too from the PIO directly? They want my friend to sent a letter to the talati/tehsildar, who are not being co-operative from the very begining. By the way, they have given no other information, including appelate authority name, etc.

    We asked around and no one knows whom we should sent the appeal in Pune. God! this is running from pillar to post all over again.

    Dhara :rolleyes:
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  4. hello dhara,
    to obtain revenue records u have to apply stating the survey no and hissa no of the particular land, so first of all u have to get the survey no of the lands, they have to be mentioned in old documents which u r friend possesses, if u dont have the survey nos, then u have to know the village in which the land is situated and apply to the talathi under Rti, to tell u the survey nos of land in the particular village standing in ur friends grandpas name, he has to answer, maybe this will help........

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    Atul Patankar
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    Re: Land Records

    SUrvey numbers can be very easily obtained fron those people whose land is adjacent to yours. But if your friend does not have possession, and some one else is tilling the land in absence of land lord, the neighbours may not be forthcoming. Alternatively, try an architech to get devlopment plan of the village, if any available. If it is on outskirts of Pune, probably this is available. On this plan, you should be able to locate tha land, and get survey number.

    If you do not know the land physically, it would not be very easy.

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