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Thread: India less Corruption now

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: India less Corruption now

    There is no doubt that RTI Act can wipe out corruption when it is implemented in practice. Here, neither the corrupt politicians nor their "Yes Ministers" makes speeches advocating the glory of the RTIAct but ensure that it does not disturb their own system of functioning. They there fore entrusted this responsibility to no one less than their own past "Yes Ministers". Till the Act is saved from their clutches I doubt its desired utility.

  2. Re: India less Corruption now

    Dear Mr Sanjay

    With due respect , there is nothing that is in blood, scientificaly as well as philosophically. Lets not blam the genetics for the ills we as individuals and therefore as society have invented.

    We cultivate what we sow.

    We deserve what we get.

    We are what we think.

    We are the problem.

    We are the solution.

    I understand the agony , but lets not our anguish aggrevate the wound.

    Lets heal

    .....Ek Shapath Viksit Bharat Banane Ki

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    38% global cos asked to pay bribe in India

    Despite India becoming a new destination for global investors, 38 per cent of over 5,400 companies' representatives surveyed by the global consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers said they were asked to pay bribes to get licences, orders over the past two years ......

    See complete post here

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    C J Karira
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    Re: India less Corruption now

    I think first we should worry about Indian citizens and Indian businessman/entrepreneurs/companies paying bribes.....before starting to worry about Foreign Companies paying bribes.

  5. Re: India less Corruption now

    To me it does matter very much as long as the bribe is paid in India and pocketed by Indians. Whether it is an Indian company or a foreign one, ultimatley the amount of bribe gets included in the cost of services/products and lands on the head of the helpless citizens.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

  6. Re: India less Corruption now

    Corruption is not in the blood. I remember, in 70's it was bakshish a small token given for getting the work done fast, and depended on the giver but by 2000 it became "EXTORTION" of the baboos. In 2003, when an I.T. Baboo came to give me a notice, i asked him what was the matter, he replied there is no matter today, but we can create it. Now its EXTORTION, and they use all terror tactics to extort money, and all bureaucrats unite in that effort.
    Rajeev Verma
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    Re: India less Corruption now

    Ok Mr VERSON we all are of facing the problem stated by you. The RTI may be a solution of problem. If there will be a policy of working and disclosed it some where there will be very less oppurtinity to "EXTORTION" of the baboos. I am trying to ensure implementation of section 4 of RTI every where in Govt organisations.

  8. Information Under Rti Act.

    Dear Sengupta,
    when there r serious charges of corruption, and the baboos fear being exposed, they take shelter under the OSA, the act made by the britishers in 1923 to keep Indians under control, although at that time the aim was not to shield extortionists. Now the same is being used by the officials to protect themselves from exposure and to terrorise people.

    i had applied for a copy of a document from a certain deptt., and the reply was "it is a confidential correspondence and hence cannot be disclosed under any circumstances". and part of the said document has already been proved false. and my allegation is that the said document does not even exist in this world.

    Can anybody help me in getting the said document??

    Rajeev Verma
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    24 hours.

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