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Thread: India less Corruption now

  1. Re: India less Corruption now

    let us all make a momentum to force the bureaucrats to provide each and every information asked for, and prevent them from taking shelter behind any act ot excuse, and remember information delayed results in justice delayed.

    Rajeev Verma
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  2. Re: Information Under Rti Act.

    Quote Originally Posted by verson View Post
    i had applied for a copy of a document from a certain deptt., and the reply was "it is a confidential correspondence and hence cannot be disclosed under any circumstances". and part of the said document has already been proved false. and my allegation is that the said document does not even exist in this world.

    Can anybody help me in getting the said document??

    Please post your query under the relevant section in the forum with complete details.
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    Re: India less Corruption now

    Dear Mr. VERSON,
    Please intimate the name of organiation you are effected. As intimated the mobile no. given above is not of our country and RTI is only allowed to indian citizens only. No problem I will help you if any unjustice is there.

  4. Re: India less Corruption now

    Kindly do not eat up the other thread by asking un related question to this topic. If you want to communicate this issue, I would suggest you use the Personal Messenger or email.
    I have also transferred the post made in response by verson to new topic at 'Ask for RTI query' here:
    Thank You!

  5. Re: India less Corruption now

    Atleast 5 to 10 % of people in every village or town should be trained to use RTI and ask questions before 31.12.2008. to achieve corruption-less india

  6. Re: India less Corruption now

    Recent statement of CIC, that OSA is no more a law, is significant, and now its time that bureaucrats are mde to understand not to hide informations from the people, and also there should be severe penalties for hindering the people from getting information, and those should be applied in every case. There should be no fee for obtaining information pertaining to oneself.
    Rajeev Verma
    Tel. +1-201-681-8044 (cell)
    24 hours.

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    Re: India less Corruption now

    We are on the way of less corruption and RTI will provide speed it if impemented as enacted. At present the implementation of RTI is not being made as enacted.

  8. Re: India less Corruption now

    The RTI Act can surely reduce the corruption. But the biggest problem is that the apex bodies under the RTI Act i.e. Information Commissions are being manned by the bureaucrats. They are habitual in keeping the information secret. Moreover, it is seen that the Commissions have failed badly in imparting their duties. The imposition of penalty is mandatory under the RTI Act, but the Commissions very rarely impose the penalty. (Kindly see the thread "Whether imposing a panalty a prerogative ?" It seems that the Commissions have also been biased while imposing the penalty as most of the penalties are being imposed where the non-bureaucrats are at fault (although I have no data at present to support this) If they start imposing penalty impartially, only then the RTI Act will be effective and will be helpful in reducing the corruption.

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