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Thread: India less Corruption now

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    Re: India less Corruption now

    so many judges are being appointed and they are taking good salaries and facilities from Govt without any work.
    Dear sngupta ji,
    Be guarded in your wordings.
    Unlike Information Commissioners, Judges have the power to initiate contempt proceedings.


  2. Re: India less Corruption now

    The post has been moderated, and I request members to use RTI India for the purpose it stands for. There are other good websites for the same.

    Thank You!

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    I am really sorry, if I had made some mistake. I will take care of this in future.

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    Re: India less Corruption now

    Man How can RTI bring a change? How can it reduce corruption? CIC is a retired bureaucrat. FAA is departmental officer. and PIO is not ready to share information. Now pls see wat happens. A person files application for certain information. His application is keptpendiong for 30 days. byt the beginning of next month he gets information that all or some of the information asked for by him cant be provided as it is confedential, or does not cater to broader interest, or will affect the working of the office etc. Now the decision to appeal lies with the applicant. Applicant in maximum cases are the person who on an impulsae had filed the application. Most of them dont go for appeal before FAA. Even if they decide to file appeal they never know that in Most of the cases FAA is the person who has approved or cleared the last file where he was denied information. Anyway about only 50% file First appeal and FAA decides it in tune with the decision of the PIO ( as he only has permittted or has approved the earlier file). Now the applicant, who has spent atelast Rs. 60 (provided PIO and FAA lives in his town), again spents Rs 100/- and keeps on waiting for as good as 90 days. By now he has spent complete 03 -04 days and abput 500 - 650 Rs nd the SIC is in habit of giving a superficial decision, he passes a non speaking order and leaves much liberty with PIO and FAA. I would like to quote one example. I asked for certain information form a Government Department, a constitutional organisation established under Art 319 of Indian Cosntitution. PIO and later FAA denied. Second Appeal was filed. the Department infront of SIC said that the said information cannot be given as a case is pending in Hon'ble Supreme Court. THE SIC Said " bhai yeh case to Supreme court mein hai, jaankari dena to alat ho jayega" I asked him if there is any stay or ban by Hon'ble supreme court than dont give any info and give me a copy of the judgement. there wasn't any. But please think if I could not have made this argument wat would SIC would have done. He would have denied me all the information on the pretext that the case is pending in court. Any way after the decision of SIC I got part information and then filed complaint and even after one year of original application I dont have information till date. Application was filed on 02.07.2008. So can every one go tohogh court and can he get his petition cleared in time? No man SIC is a saviour he seldom fines government officials. He should not adhere to the reasons of delay.

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