Today on 28th September 2007 RTI India has completed one year of inception. As on today we are 1111 member community (947 Verified).

We have embarked upon the field with a hope to enrich and equip all who are willing to share and inquisitive enough to explore the Right to Information Act and it's utility.

We are proud of our Members who had made our community efforts a success, either by way of a question or by posting a solution or simply being here with us. We are also thankful to those who contributed by way of assimilating news about Right to Information and shared with all of us in the RTI News section. Many appreciation would go left un-noticed if we did not mention those who contributed in the blogging and gallery segment.

Thank You all being part of RTI India.

On this auspicious day of our celebration, we at RTI India would like to introduce our New 'Global Moderator' of the Site:

Shri. Ganapathi Subramanian aka Ganpat1956.

His Social skills and his commitment to our site had been exceptional all though these times and we are sure he would give RTI India a new dimension and build upon a strong RTI India community from this day onwards.

On this day we have redesigned the site to make it simple and approachable. Some modifications worth mentioning are:
  1. The 'Officer' label is henceforth removed which was originally meant to gather information about 'PIO' & 'AA'; which did not serve the purpose it was created for.
  2. Site optimized for the minimum of resolution screens at 800px.
  3. A simple Donation module for those who insisted to share our bandwidth cost.
Thank You all for making RTI India a success.

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Chief Dreamer
RTI India