AHMEDABAD: After brooding for nearly 10 months, the chief minister’s office (CMO) finally sanctioned the appointment of additional staff for the Gujarat Information Commission (GIC). The state information commission for more than a year was literally crippled without adequate staff. GIC has been one of the foremost agencies for promoting transparency in government functioning in Gujarat.

It may be noted that TOI had reported on the CMO inordinately delaying clearing of this file. GIC had in December last year, asked for additional resources.

As per the general administration department’s (GAD) order, GIC will now get two more information commissioners (IC) to assist the Chief Information Commissioner of GIC, R N Das. This would take the total number of ICs to three, RTI Act, on the other hand, provides appointment of up to 10 commissioners.

The appointments of the ICs would depend on the recommendations of a selection committee, consisting of the chief minister, leader of opposition and a senior cabinet minister.

Of the total 35 posts that have been cleared, sixteen include system engineers, Gujarati and English stenographers, clerks and data-entry operators who would be instrumental in reducing the backlog at GIC.

The CMO has also cleared various proposals for GIC’s resources. A total of Rs 41.43 lakh has been approved from the contingency fund towards meeting expenses of the newly allotted staff and for procurement of furniture, computers and related expenses. This is an estimated expenditure for the next four months, say official sources.

GIC finally gets staff, resources-Ahmedabad-Cities-The Times of India

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