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Thread: Implementation of CIC decision

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    Re: Implementation of CIC decision

    2.1 In view of the above, provisions of CPC could not be invoked for executing an order of CIC. Instead CIC has been empowered u/s 20(1) to impose penalty on the non-compliant Central PIO. Penalty leviable under this section is Rs.250 each day till the information is furnished to the applicant, subject to total penalty not exceeding Rs.25,000/-.
    As so many members of forum informed me that my decision was in favour of me. It was proved by me in personal hearing that the PIO negligently not supplying the information in time. In view of provision in act if the CIC is not penalising the PIO`s how we expect effective implementation of RTI 2005. As mentioned eralier I am not suppose to react like this as this forum is for know how of RTI not for any activist activities. The similar problem existed in Advocates and Judiciary. It is my request to all the persons to react like a activist because knowledge of law is not difficult task but present the same to a person sitting on dias is very deifficult. The scope of information is so much vide in RTI 2005 but neither the executive nor CIC is interested to supply the information as asked by applicants. Please do not take other wise to my reactions as similar reactions I am sending so many times to Information Commissioners also. It is very hard to accept the governance of public to whom sitting behind red lights. In my opinion the act framed on a thirty years struggle must be implemented effectively. I hope that you will support to me.

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    Mr Gupta,
    You had sought a clarification on implementation of CIC decision. The necessary interpretation has been provided. Your other doubts have also been clarified by our active members. Please do not use this thread any further to mix up other issues, nor to seek support for other forms of activism beyond the scope of this portal.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    Re: Implementation of CIC decision

    Even on the advice of Shri Sai Srujan you mentioned that the implementation of CIC decision is not comes under CPC. I am also doing CA and so many places I read that Tribunals, TDSAT, DCF, Tax tribunals and all ther decision making power bodies having powers like a civil court and every decision of these bodies is abide by like a civil court. if the CIC is not empowered to implement the decisions like a civil court then how the CIC will implement the decision. The CIC is not a exective body of Govt. The body which is not part of Govt and not having status of Court may not implement his decisions. Please go through again the power vested in section 2.1 and 2.2 may be used by CIC in his decision but how CIC will ensure the implementations of decisions. The implementation of decision may be possible whenever the CIC is having the status of CIVIL COURT.

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    A little learning is a dangerous thing. Section 2 of the RTI Act is about definitions and meanings and not about any power vested. Besides, there is no Section 2.1 and 2.2. Mr Gupta, I again appeal to you not to mix up issues in this thread.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    Re: Implementation of CIC decision

    Dear Shri Ganpat,
    The para mentioned by me was para of your reply with reference to my querry. Thanks for appeal for not to mis up issues in this regards. I have understood this forum is only for discussion of various provisions in RTI 2005 only.
    Sorry for otherwise discussion.

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