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Thread: Stanchart Cards Bank Harassing me

  1. Re: Stanchart Cards Bank Harassing me

    Dear balina,
    there is nothing to fear from summons. Summons is basically to record the view point of the other party. The harrasening part in the summon is to wait in the court.
    Do not worry from Summon, infact it is good. You will get a chance to explain your point to the court.

    A few precautions for handling summons:
    1. You find out the court section and mark your presence. Appear confident and ask for direction. You will find many people will come out to help you. This is important as many times the court will not get time to hear your case. Ask the section to give you a copy of the record that you are present.
    2. When you go for appear in Summon, carry a written statement of all that you want to say. It is advisable that you carry a short summery of the points like an executive summery and the detailed submission. Many times judges are hard pressed for time in that case you can inform from summery and submit all the documents to the court at the time of hearing.

    And always remember the Principle of Natural Justsice i.e. you cannot be given any punishment or deprieved of any of your right without giving an oppertunity for hearing and present your case.

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    Thank you Maneesh for giving all of us the synopsis and further course of action in the event of getting a summons. But like Sidmis I too feel that the matter will not go to that level. It is just a threat by the collecting goons and nothing more than that. I had a somewhat similar experience with SBI Cards last year. Fortunately I have a distant cousin who was employed in the card division of another bank a until a few years ago. He gave me all the right advices and in turn I threatened SBI Cards with action from my side. I will initiate a blog tomorrow and narrate the entire episode there.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

  3. Re: Stanchart Cards Bank Harassing me

    Do the basics right

    The biggest of cases have gone down coz of not doing the basics right

    I would request you to report the matter to the Local PS i.e. Police station , with a copy to the SSP or DCP or your dist, Immediately

    If basics are not done , no other complaint can support you , as the case is pertaining to harassments by those guys who are undercover anti social activists.

    Without fear , apprehensions, doubts and DELAY, give a application to the PS.

    Most of the times when ever such cases are filed or reported to the PS there is an immediate success

    Even if Police does not help you would have things on record


    Everythings else has been well told to you by our senior members. Ganpat etc have in fact suggested you to go to Police .

    Fine that its about RBI, SC Bank etc etc etc
    But 1st of all its about Protection right and Police is the 1st authority

    So close this window , Go right away

    good luck

  4. Re: Stanchart Cards Bank Harassing me

    Quote Originally Posted by sidmis View Post
    I would suggest you to approach RBI Ombudsman for redressal of your grievance. You can lodge your complain online without going to court. Here's the link to RBI's Ombudsman Scheme. Reserve Bank of India.

    This is by way of amplifying Sidmis's suggestion:

    1. As per the Ombudsman scheme a complaint arising out of the operations of credit cards, shall be filed before the Banking Ombudsman within whose territorial jurisdiction the billing address of the card holder is located and not the place where the bank concerned or the credit card processing unit is located.

    2. No complaint to the Banking Ombudsman shall lie unless the complainant had, before making a complaint to the Banking Ombudsman, made a written representation to the bank and the bank had rejected the complaint or the complainant had not received any reply within a period of one month after the bank received his representation or the complainant is not satisfied with the reply given to him by the bank.

    Therefore as Maneesh has suggested keep your record of Correspondence straight as they will serve as documentary evidences in your case.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    RBI to impose strict norms on recovery agents

    In view of the rise in the number of litigations against banks for
    engaging recovery agents in the recent past, it is felt that the
    adverse publicity could result in serious reputational risk for
    the banking sector as a whole, RBI said on Tuesday.

    An urgent need has, therefore, arisen to review the policy,
    practice, procedure involved in the engagement of recovery agents
    by banks in India. Accordingly, banks are urged to follow
    prescribed specific considerations while engaging recovery agents.

    In its mid-term review of the Mid-Term Review of the Annual
    Monetary Policy Statement, RBI said, "Complaints received by the
    Reserve Bank regarding abusive practices followed by a bank's
    recovery agents would invite serious supervisory disapproval.

    The Reserve Bank would consider imposing a temporary ban (or even a
    permanent ban in case of persistent abusive practices) for
    engaging recovery agents on those banks where strictures have been
    passed/penalties have been imposed by a High Court/Supreme Court
    or against its Directors/Officers with regard to the abusive
    practices followed by their recovery agents.

    An operational circular in this regard would be issued by November 15, 2007."

    October 30, 2007
    Banks face ban on engaging recovery agents

    Here's another article with similar theme.
    Banks warned against abusive practices by recovery agents

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    Re: Stanchart Cards Bank Harassing me

    I recommend that one should follow the laid down basic procedure as correctly adviced by Mr.Ganpati. Normally a complaint is likely to get sorted out at Ombudsman level itslef.

  7. Re: Stanchart Cards Bank Harassing me

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