MP CIC : Lokayukta tried to influence decision

The Madhya Pradesh Chief Information Commissioner in reference to CIC's revelation submitted that HOn'ble Justice Ripusudan Dayal had attempted to influence his decision bringing in the Lokayukta under the purview of Right to Information Act. The Lokayukta had already approached the Madhya Pradesh High Court challenging the CIC order, bringing the Lokayukta, Economic Offences Investigation Bureau and Criminal Investigation Department under its ambit.

In a recent order, Hon'ble CIC P P Tiwari said only intelligence and security agencies (17 in number) could be exempted from the purview of section 24.4 of the Right to Information Act.

Hon'ble CIC Shri Tiwari noted that on August 21 Hon'ble Justice Dayal had attempted to influence his decision during talks on a visit to his house. Mr Tiwari also noted that the Lokayukta's act of interfering in judicial process, prima facie, amounted to contempt of court and therefore the case is reserved pending consideration of further action.

This is a beginning of new era is Citizens right to information and more transparent India and would be a Landmark reference