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Thread: Every organisation using Govt funds must be in purview of RTI.

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    Every organisation using Govt funds must be in purview of RTI.

    I came to know that the whole CIC having opinion that institution working with transparency is not having independency. This decision made the judiciary out of purview of RTI but Bar coucil wants to make the courts in the purview of RTI. The real criminal is not a person who by any temperament made attempt to murder or any offence but a person who is doing any action by conspiracy is a real criminal. If a person is innocent why he is hiding the act done by him. Maharshi Rajnish was of the opinion that any action is being done by guilty conscious may not create satisfaction. He was follower of transparency in sexual life also. Right from development of judicial system transparency was needed every time. Why CIC is not in favour of transparency. The information seeker is not having any power to control the judiciary ultimately he have to approach the person who have powers of control. The RTI may save our country from terrorism also.

    > " Transparency may not attack on independency"
    > " RTI may save country from so many social problems"
    > " Transparency will create satisfaction in human being"
    > " Conspirator are developing criminals in society"
    If you are really volunteer of RTI strongly protest the view of CIC.
    We are not paying anything to applicant of RTI but he is paying
    something to Govt.
    > Satya

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