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Thread: US Federal Agencies Choose Software to Improve FOIA Response Times

  1. US Federal Agencies Choose Software to Improve FOIA Response Times

    Privasoft, a global leader of case management software and services for managing Freedom of Information (FOIA) processes announced today that it has been awarded a significant number of U.S federal government contracts for its AccessPro Suite, including U.S. Department of Agriculture - Food Safety and Inspection Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture - Departmental Administration and the Federal Reserve Board.

    As the public's demand for government information continues to grow, FOIA teams are implementing and evolving their systems and procedures to maximize the efficiency of the response process.

    Privasoft customers report on average a 25% reduction in the costs related to processing FOIA requests as a result of automating manual processes, thereby driving down operational costs. They also experience faster response times, which in turn allows for resources to be reallocated to reducing request backlog and directing attention towards other challenges.

    Another key driver for selecting the AccessPro Suite is its ability to help agencies fulfill their information management and reporting responsibilities and provide support for the upcoming reforms anticipated under the Open Government Act. This includes helping to:
    • Improve productivity by streamlining the process
    • Reduce request backlog by facilitating more timely responses
    • Track request status effortlessly through an automated system
    • Apply fees consistently
    • Enhance collaboration with a central repository of related information
    • Report to management with out of the box reports
    • Ensure the security of redacted release packages
    "Privasoft customers such as USDA and the Federal Reserve Board are committed to the implementation of FOIA programs that meet the needs of both the Government and the requestor community," explains Jacques Renaud, Privasoft CEO. "Our AccessPro Suite has been proven to meet the unique challenges faced by FOIA teams. We look forward to assisting all of our customers to continuously improve their FOIA operations and their service to the public."

    US Federal Agencies Choose Software to Improve FOIA Response Times

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  2. Re: US Federal Agencies Choose Software to Improve FOIA Response Times

    You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.
    I guess it will take some time after RTI has percolated to all to move to IT based solution.


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