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Thread: SBI card users, beware

  1. SBI card users, beware

    A friend of mine has sent me the following email.

    There is a fake/duplicate site similar to the original sbicard site where the card holder can view his bills etc. Everything in the site is so similar that it is impossible for a normal user to distinguish. It might prove risky while giving out card number and other details in such fake sites.<SCRIPT><!--D(["mb","\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" color\u003d\"#339966\" size\u003d\"3\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt;color:#339966\"\>*\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cb\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" color\u003d\"#339966\" size\u003d\"3\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-weight:bold;font-size:12pt;color:#339966\"\>Original trusted \u003cspan\>site\u003cspan\>* \u003c/span\>:\u003c/span\> \u003ca href\u003d\"\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>\n\u003cfont color\u003d\"#339966\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:#339966\"\>\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/a\>\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/b\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cb\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" color\u003d\"red\" size\u003d\"3\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-weight:bold;font-size:12pt;color:red\"\>Duplicate/Fake \u003cspan\>site :\u003c/span\> \u003ca href\u003d\"\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>\n\u003cfont color\u003d\"red\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:red\"\>\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/a\>\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/b\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" size\u003d\"3\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>*\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" size\u003d\"3\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>Be careful to login to .com site and not .in site. \u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" size\u003d\"3\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>Forward this to everyone. \u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cdiv\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" color\u003d\"black\" size\u003d\"3\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt;color:black\"\>________________________\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Arial\" color\u003d\"black\" size\u003d\"2\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:10pt;color:black;font-family:Arial\"\>\n \u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" color\u003d\"black\" size\u003d\"1\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:8pt;color:black\"\>Regards,\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cstrong\>\u003cb\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" color\u003d\"black\" size\u003d\"1\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:8pt;color:black\"\>Aswin Chandrasekaran\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/b\>\u003c/strong\>\u003cstrong\>\u003cb\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Times New Roman\" color\u003d\"blue\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:blue\"\>\n \u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/b\>\u003c/strong\>\u003c/p\>\n\u003cp\>\u003cstrong\>\u003cb\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" color\u003d\"black\" size\u003d\"1\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:8pt;color:black\"\>Wipro Technologies, \u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/b\>\u003c/strong\>\u003cstrong\>\u003cb\>\u003cfont face\u003d\"Trebuchet MS\" size\u003d\"1\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:8pt\"\>",1]);//--></SCRIPT>

    Original trusted site :
    Duplicate/Fake site :

    I have also come across reports of similar duplicate sites in respect of a few other cards. Users, please be careful.

    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    Re: SBI card users, beware

    Hello Ganapat,
    Original trusted site
    Duplicate/Fake site :
    There is nothing wrong with the site
    I have checked it and did not find anything fishy.
    It's not a fake one.
    Below is the site ownership records for the site.


    Site Ownership Record for SBICARD.IN

    Domain ID:482677-AFIN
    Domain Name:SBICARD.IN
    Created On:16-Feb-2005 06:32:25 UTC
    Last Updated On:19-Feb-2007 21:41:39 UTC
    Expiration Date:16-Feb-2010 06:32:25 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Net4India (R7-AFIN)
    Registrant ID:N4IR-49421567329
    Registrant Name:Shailendra Sharma
    Registrant Organization:SBI Card & Payment Services Pvt Ltd
    Registrant Street1:4 A, DLF Corporate Park
    Registrant City:Gurgaon
    Registrant State/Province:Haryana
    Registrant Postal Code:122002
    Registrant Country:IN
    Registrant Phone:+91.1245061826
    Registrant Email:
    Name Server:NS1.NET4INDIA.COM
    Name Server:NS2.NET4INDIA.COM
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  3. Re: SBI card users, beware

    That is a good work Siddarth But I still don't understand the purpose of the "in" website when they already have a "com" website. Do you get any ideas?
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    Re: SBI card users, beware

    But I still don't understand the purpose of the "in" website when they already have a "com" website. Do you get any ideas?
    1. Either they want to give it a local flavour by putting an India Specific domain name;
    2. They want to block the domain name so that it could not be misused by others.


  5. Re: SBI card users, beware

    It’s not very wise to start offering the details and undertaking financial transactions through this new site of SBI. Though it’s certified to be genuine by our technically knowledgeable Sidmis, I’m afraid something may be fishy because the site is redirecting to somewhere else GE SBIand redirecting sites very commonly prove to be traps. Hence it’s always better to ask any SBI official in person regarding the authenticity of this site.
    So far common knowledge goes SBI should not adopt the policy of floating a mirror site keeping the original active. Better to make cautious move than lamenting later, isn’t it?
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    Re: SBI card users, beware

    Hello linardni,
    redirecting sites very commonly prove to be traps
    You are absolutely right in your assessment.
    Extreme caution should always be excercised in cases like this.


  7. Re: SBI card users, beware

    The SBI card site is redirecting to
    Record Type: IP Address

    OrgName: Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
    OrgID: APNIC
    Address: PO Box 2131
    City: Milton
    StateProv: QLD
    PostalCode: 4064
    Country: AU

    ReferralServer: whois://

    NetRange: -
    NetName: APNIC6
    NetHandle: NET-220-0-0-0-1
    NetType: Allocated to APNIC
    NameServer: NS1.APNIC.NET
    NameServer: NS3.APNIC.NET
    NameServer: NS4.APNIC.NET
    NameServer: NS-SEC.RIPE.NET
    NameServer: TINNIE.ARIN.NET
    Comment: This IP address range is not registered in the ARIN database.
    Comment: For details, refer to the APNIC Whois Database via
    Comment: WHOIS.APNIC.NET or Query the APNIC Whois Database
    Comment: ** IMPORTANT NOTE: APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry
    Comment: for the Asia Pacific region. APNIC does not operate networks
    Comment: using this IP address range and is not able to investigate
    Comment: spam or abuse reports relating to these addresses. For more
    Comment: help, refer to Reporting network abuse: Spamming and hacking
    Updated: 2005-05-20

    OrgTechHandle: AWC12-ARIN
    OrgTechName: APNIC Whois Contact
    OrgTechPhone: +61 7 3858 3100

  8. Re: SBI card users, beware

    Mr Maneesh did a nice techinical analysis of the source & other technical details of the website. However it's difficult to infer whether it belongs to SBI or not?


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