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Thread: "changing of old electronic meters by BSES in delhi"

  1. Question "changing of old electronic meters by BSES in delhi"

    i have a properly functioning electronic meter inmy house.recently people from BSES came and said it is mandatory to get our meters changed .our meters are working absolutely fine.we have never tempered with our meters and always paid our bills on it mandatory to get them changed?

  2. Re: "changing of old electronic meters by BSES in delhi"

    You didnt mention what you want. Please make it clear so members may help you. In many states they(elect. dept.) are doing the as happened with you, the new one which they install moves faster than the previous one. To minimize T&D losses they do the same.

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    Re: "changing of old electronic meters by BSES in delhi"

    Please informed if Physical meter change is required when load is increase in domastic consumer from 1 kw to 3 kw ?

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    Re: "changing of old electronic meters by BSES in delhi"

    BSES in Delhi and all other Electricity Licensees get their 'directions' from their respective State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (ERCs). Changing of meters was approved by MERC (in Maharashtra) and DERC (in Delhi) for their respective Licensees.

    Even though there has been not enough admissible proof, these new Electronic meters are known to 'run faster' than the older Electromagnetic meters. Star TV in Delhi had run a big campaign on this before the issue was downplayed (naturally...).

    If at all you want to raise a query under RTI, you would need to send that to the PIO at Delhi Electricity regulatory Commission (DERC). Their website is here DELHI ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION and the address is Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission, Viniyamak Bhawan, C- Block, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. TeleFax.: 91-11-26673608, E-mail:

    In my opinion, there is not much you can do, unless the new meter starts showing a BIG difference in unit consumption. Then you can write to BSES and ask them why. The stand that BSES will take is that the old meter was 'not functioning' properly and hence recorded 'lower' readings earlier. This is when you can ask them for a test report on the functioning of the old meter. They will give evasive replies.

    Then you can file a complaint with DERC and after about 2-3 weeks, ask them (under RTI) for the status of the complaint, the action taken by them, a test report of your meter, etc.

    This is a long-winded procedure - and we should strive to change that, over time.


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