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Thread: RTI Experience with RBI

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    RTI Experience with RBI

    Attached in a ZIP archive are 5 PDF files detailing the history of my (ongoing) RTI experience with RBI, in an attempt to seek FII data for academic research. The 5 PDF documents contain (a) the original RTI request in April 2007 (b) RBI CPIO denial received in June (c) appeal to RBI AA sent in July (d) acknowledgment of appeal receipt from RBI in July (e) to CIC in October containing complaint of non-response from RBI AA and appeal against decision of RBI CPIO.

    Comments, suggestions and ideas welcome. Best,


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    Re: RTI Experience with RBI

    I sent my appeal against the RBI CPIO's denial and complaint against the RBI AA's non-response, to the CIC about 5 hours ago, and just a few minutes ago I got the attach-ed AA's order on email from the RBI AA's office.

    Compared to my previous RTI experiences I suppose I would have to describe this as promising. The crux of the order is that I be given a chance to discuss my data requirement with someone inside RBI who is close to the data, and that based on the outcome of such a discussion the RBI CPIO can decide exactly what can be released, which seems like a very reasonable response. (I wonder whether posting on this website could have had some effect on RBI, though that seems very far-fetched!!!)

    I did inform RBI that I had just written to the CIC, and noted that in the circumstances perhaps that letter was moot. I thought that was the appropriate response after the sequence of events. I have not written to the CIC, as after consulting a friend locally, he suggested waiting to see if RBI does take steps towards implementing the AA's order, before rushing to withdraw my complaint to the CIC.

    How much cooperation does in fact emerge in the next few days will be interesting to see. For now there is some reason to hope for the best.


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    C J Karira
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    Re: RTI Experience with RBI

    Good work Murgie !
    Please keep this thread posted with further developments.

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    Re: RTI Experience with RBI

    Update on this request: On 19th Oct, 2007 I got email from the RBI CPIO giving me contact details of an RBI official with whom I could discuss my data requirement. I left him a message immediately asking him if he was familiar with what had happened so far. Heard back from him yesterday (he had been on leave) saying he knew nothing yet but would find out soon. To save him time, I have just sent him a copy of everything. So far I am still optimistic that something positive will emerge in the end. Best, -Murgie

  5. Re: RTI Experience with RBI

    7.02.2011 Reserve Bank of India Centre I Department of Banking Supervision, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade Mumbai – 400 001.
    Kind attention: Mr. C.Krishnan,Appellate Authority (RTI),working director
    Re: Appeal under the RTI Act-2005 application dated 17.12.2010
    RBI reply reference No. RIA 2272/2010-11* dated 24.01.2011 by Dr.N.Krishna Mohan CPIO
    With reference to the above,the appellant sought pointwise information of certified documents in public interest.
    1. Information of details of all bank account(s) in the name of General Insurers Public Sector Association including name of bank(s),name of branch,Date of opening of account,issuance of cheque books in the account, complaint of dishonoured cheques in the account.
    CPIO reply: “The granular Information sought by you would not be available with us. It will be available with the respective Bank which has opened the account.”

    2. Information of any rules /regulations regarding opening /prohibiting of accounts to a “ legal non entity”
    {thanks for information}.

    3. Information of the specific orders /recommendations on the basis of which account has been opened for an association which according to Ministry of Finance letter addressed to the applicant whisle-blower: “GIPSA is simply a forum for facilitating consultations and deliberations amongst its Member Companies ( 4 Public Sector General Insurance Companies ) on matters of common interests,mandated to it by them, without having any administrative, supervisory, controlling or statutory authority over them. It is not registered under any act or rules with any statutory authority.”
    (Ref No.F. 14016/47/2010-Ins.II/RTI 27th September,2010)
    CPIO reply: “The Information may be available with the respective Bank which opened the account.”

    Appeal: It is submitted that RBI being regulator of banks has to ensure him supply of information sought by him and in the event any information is not available the same has to be transferred to bank(s) in terms of section 6(3) under the RTI Act.
    Information pertains to mysterious accounts of GIPSA,** you are requested to issue orders to ensure that the applicant gets satisfactory information in respect of points 1 & 3 under the RTI Act. {** enjoys annually Rs.160 lakh public money,virtually functions beyond any audit or vigilance regulations}

    Yours Sincerely,
    Shri Gopal Soni XXXXXXXXXXXX and xxx@yyy.zzz - Deleted mobile number and email id - posting against forum rules C231,PanchSheel Nagar, Ajmer-305004. cc *enclosed.
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